This is a familyhouse with inspiration from Arabian Nights, Medieval turrets, Traditional Norwegian and Modern designs. It has 1 master suite, an apartment with single bedroom and bath, and 3 bedrooms sharing a bathroom.

010116 The Shapes, In game

I went with a more traditional look on this house in browns and cream/white, along with some accent colors. I think it goes well with the Alhambra windows by Luna.

010116 The Shapes, In game

The mediaroom has a much more modern light colors with a chocking red wall paper, depending on how easily scared you are of course.

010116 The Shapes, In game

The Arabian Nights theme developed nicely into the garden.

I have made you a video, but because of the music it’s been closed to Germany by Youtube. I wonder what music people listen to in Germany, since all music I know is closed there. I could make a video with my own voice on, but frankly I would myself rather listen to the sounds of the city by night, than my own voice. I’m just assuming you’re the same, since it doesn’t matter to me if it’s my voice, it might be anyone’s voice, and what about just listen to your own favorite artist? If I was German I would probably search the internet for some illegal solution to the problem, since I love my music and UMC is a crappy company … or something like that 🙂 Not that I’m trying to convince people to brake the law. You just pick your solution if you’re in Germany, since you have probably done so long time ago anyway.


It has a bit of an awqward shape with diagonals all over the place. Una has tested it and didn’t complain much, so it should be fine.

010116 The Shapes

This is the main floor. It’s open plan except for the noicy TV room. Kitchen on the right, bathroom at the front and the livingroom on the left side. In the garden is a pool, diningtable and seating both at the front and back.

010116 The Shapes

Second floor has the master suite, 3 kids bedrooms sharing a bathroom, several balconies and the playroom perhaps.

010116 The Shapes

Third floor has an apartment tucket around the staircase, bathroom and a big livingroom with a bar.

010116 The Shapes

Fourth floor by night. It has it’s own kitchen and diningroom outside. A sofa in the corner. Espalier ceiling.


The house had a problem with floating floor tiles because of painted ceilings. I used a motor to remove them by tsyokawe here. There shouldn’t be a problem now. If you still experience problems, post in the thread linked to so we can collect all the feedback the same place.

If you like you can remove the wooden ceiling tiles and put the missing ceilings back, and the problem should be gone.

Price unfurnished/furnished: 109/209k


Only Basement needed for this house, the rest is downloaded from creators.

The house will be in two versions. TSR requirements means modthesims can only have package files, while the all included file can go at TSR.

Download modthesims

Custom Content used in this house, NOT included, if you download from modthesims.

Download TSR, not approved

I removed the statue by NynaeveDesign and the 3 seater from wondymoon. The file is now 48 mb. That should be ok hopefully.

Update feb 16. S3P file at TSR will be without 3 seater Sofa from the Seaborgium set, and Envision full size statue. They have been replaced with the comfy Seaborgium chair and another plant. Both are still listed if you click the link at TSR above, but they have been removed from the house and file.

It’s now approved for feb. 18.



Except for the content by the lovely, but unfortunate Lunasimslulamai. Her stuff has been deleted by mediafire, so I have it uploaded below the lot file on modthesims. I have used windows from the Alhambra set, and they are included as package and sims3pack files in the folder. She has provided the fusion for this house in the Maroccan/Maurish influence.
Alhambra september to may 19, 2011, download by the file for the house itself, or on TSR included in the file.



Beachy Lounge: All 4 objects has been used outside.


CasteLore I, the full round turret parts has been used to add even more fusion.

Useful Walls


Carpet Brown Collection, 1, 2, 4 and 7 has been used.
Foliage in Relief, both has been used.


Dim Garden Lamp Set. Most have been used.


Delicate Spiral Stairs, used as the only staircase.


Glasstiles, the tall 4×12 used as window decoration.


Ebony Kitchen. I have used the stove, cupboard, sink, counters and wall art.


Rose Romance, used in kitchens and bedrooms.


Monaco Builtset


Envision Entrance Hall. The tall statue in the garden, and both the lamps has been used.


Collector Dining. Both tables, chair, consola and rug has been used.


Loft Painting set, all three has been used.


Garden Rose outdoor set. Table lamp, dresser and small bouquet of lilies has been used.


Empire Living. Both cushions, coffee table, sofa, celing lamp, loveseat, Elite plant, bar and stool used in the house.


Kvarc bedroom. Wall lamp, curtain, bed, bed pillows, blanket, cylindrical pillow, end table and mirror used.


Seaborgium Outdoor. Sofa, chair, coffee table, end table, candle and plant used.