3 floor apartment

for a big

social family

Aline Lommi, Lot Tester

02. December 2016

In Altitudo means up in air more or less. It’s built for the terrassed highrise in SanMyshuno. It has 3 floors with 9 beds and 4 bathrooms. Price: 457k on the top of that highrise. Lot traits: sunny, good school and good soil.

This penthouse in San Myshuno on the terrassed highrise, is a really big house with a pool, 2 bars, harvestable vegetables, several balconies, bbq, sheltered middle courtyard, 2 floor high master bedroom with a dressingroom and a bathroom, etc. etc.

Balcony BBQ

A cozy corner of the big front balcony, not far from the kitchen. 

The main floor has a hallway for the elevator, from there you can enter the middle courtyard or the TV room at the front of the house. 

The biggest room on the main floor is the kitchen with diningtable and a long island where people can drink and talk. For a penthouse this lot has several lovely outdoor terrasses. 

Big Roof terrasse

Lovely Courtyard

Perfect for the outdoors

I have made a lovely video for you, and used the music below from The Ready Set x Kaptan. Hurra for all the free music around 🙂

The house has a separate bedroom suite with parents and 2 kiddy girls sharing a bathroom. 

In total the house has 4 adult beds, 1 bedrooms with 2 kiddy girls and 3 single bedrooms. Pictures in the below slider.

2 bedrooms for a subfamily

Parents bedroom

2 kiddy girls

Modern and Traditional

... with a view to die for

The house doesn’t have quite the same style all over. The subfamily suite has a softer set of colors. The kids bedrooms is really a study in color matching. The Master suite has a more modern palette, fitting the kitchen really. 

If you’re one of those dreaming for a luxury apartment in the skies, this is it. The view is spectacular and you can spend the hole day on the roof licking the sun

… or a party. 

The outside areas you see in the slider below is outside the kids playroom, you might want to secure it for the smallest kids. The golden dressingroom has some seating outside and the master has a balcony with harvestable plants outside. There is access from the inside courtyard though, just so you know. 

The Outdoors

No place for the faint hearted

A backside corner

Exploring windows from the game

The master balcony

The Inner Courtyard

The Kitchen

As the biggest room the kitchen has a dressingroom in gold and pink, would you believe it, beside it. It’s close to the courtyard and will probably be the most used room in this house … but if it’s not you should have many other rooms to choose from. 

 The bathroom pictures above is one of the bathroom on the upper floor.

Let me take you on a roundtour with this video, when I’m finished with it 🙂

Livingrooms in this house is the TV room on the front balcony, the golden dressingroom, the kids playroom and the kitchen gallery. At the top roof terrasse you also have a lounge and the bar with 2 groups of seating. 


Roof Terrasse lounge

Kids Playroom

The Golden Room

... is the main dressingroom

The Kitchen Gallery

The Mastersuite

The Mastersuite consists of a big dressingroom, 1 sofa with a view and 1 with a fireplace, and a bathroom. 


The images above shows the exp, stuff and game packs I had installed while doing this lot. I’m afraid I can not tell you want I used more in detail. If you leave some of these out, the risk is you might miss something. Some might find it a case of “good riddance”, I couldn’t say what you might think. 


I have used content from several creators, make sure you download from the list below. Click on the toggle buttons 🙂

Download has finally been submitted to TSR, they have to approve it though. Link for the download is available below. ID for the EA Gallery download, remember to allow custom content, hashtag for the house 031116. The Bluehost download is instant and commercial free.

Price: 457k

Gallery ID: Volvenom

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Roof Terrasse Floor


Roof Terrasse


Bedroom Floor




Main Floor


Download Custom Content

Download Custom Content

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Site Creator Set Object Name Site Link Object Link
TSR Pralinesimes Brick 17 Brick 17   Download
TSR ShinoKCR Kitchen Minimalist     Download
TSR ShinoKCR Clive C Living     Download
TSR Pralinesimes Old wood floor 11     Download
TSR ShinoKCR Bathroom Minimalist The Shower   Download
TSR ShinoKCR curtains and canopys Curtains used   Download
Simsational Design Peacemaker Colour me cyan     Download
TSR sim-man 123 Acadia     Download
TSR ShinoKCR counters for dishwasher     Download
TSR ung999 black/white living     Download
TSR ShinoKCR Elegant Bedroom     Download
TSR Rirann Damask walls     Download
Simsational Design Peacemaker Colour me blue     Download
Simsational Design Peacemaker Colour me brown     Download
TSR ShinoKCR Closet CliveC     Download
TSR merychabb Goldie Tile Set     Download
TSR ung999 Pure kids bedroom     Download
TSR ShinoKCR Under the stairs Long curtains   Downloads
TSR DOT New Apple Lamp set     Download
TSR Rirann Stucco walls     Download
modthesims Sauris Alphonse Mucha     Download
TSR sim-man 123 Easton  Living Potted plant, sofa table   Download
TSR ShinoKCR Bedroom Minimalist     Download
Simsational Design Peacemaker Colour me Black     Download
Simsational Design Peacemaker Colour me Orange     Download
Simsational Design Peacemaker Colour me Grey     Download