Big Mansion

for a family of 5

… and the butler

Halmstad Family, Lot Testers

03. March 2017

Halmstad is an old mansion with a magnificent garden. The new generation moved in they wanted a more modern style, so they gave it a facelift. It’s the perfect place for parties with great acustics, and it feels really homey.

This Mansion is built on the 50x50 lot in Willow Creek and costs 647k there, but any stately lot the required size will fit.

The house has 4 bedrooms on the bedroom floor. The butler has an apartment In the attic. In the attic there is also the art studio and sunroom.

In the basement is a big pool, gym and bathroom, lots of wardrobes, and the old winecellar with the gentlemens smoking room. Both the attic and basement has rooms you can use for your preferred activities.

Italian Design

My style for this mansion has been Italian. They are so great on modern design in old buildings. I also gave it some color.

I shaped the garden as traditional gardens where they have symmetrical parts and every pathway ends in a feature. It gives you the impression of a neverending garden. The house is closed by the hedge on all sides, The front door is the only entrance from the outside. In the front of the garden is on one side the climbing feature for kids, and on the other side is just a lawn. At the front it’s more visible the house is not a completely secluded oasis in the world, even though you can easily get that impression.

Beautiful Garden

Indoor and Outdoor pool

all garden paths ends in a Feature

I have made a lovely video for you, and used 2 versions of music by Chainsmokers. Hurra for all the free music around 🙂

The Gallery serves as both livingroom and diningroom. The house has 2 staircases, one of them can also be used to the attic and basement. The basement also has 2 staircases from the garden.

The bedroom floor has the master suite and 3 more bedrooms. 2 bedrooms has been fitted for a boy toddler and a kid. The 3rd regular bedroom has a lilac theme fitting for anyone. Pictures in the below slider.

The house has several bedrooms

a double bedroom in lilac

pink bedroom with a dollhouse

the bedroom of a toddler

and the master suite

The house is in very elegant colors fitting an Italian family. The attic doesn’t have quite the same theme. I used mostly game objects there, just to reduce the load on your game. The Butler still has the same outdated decor he has always had.

This is a house for the establishement. If you aspire to be a part of it, or is already in competition with your friends, this house may just be what you need.

The main floor in the slider below has the Gallery towards the garden, a big kitchen, and a smaller more modest livingroom. It also has the office, a big bathroom and the playroom for the kids. The Entrance Hallway is the only entrance to the house.


The Hall

The Gallery - Dining

The Family Livingroom

The Gallery Living

The Kids Playroom

The Kitchen

The kitchen is also on the main floor. It used to be in the basement. It’s now a livingroom as well and it’s the room guests has to go through to enter the more private parts of this house. 

Above is a picture of a minor hallway and the main floor bathroom as well.

Let me take you on a roundtour with this video.

The Basement has the big indoor pool, gym, gentlemans smokingroom and the winecellar. It also has wardrobes and small bathrooms, as well as the bigger bathrooms. The small bathrooms is for you to decorate, or do something completely different with them. There is also some rooms on the side for your hobbies. 

The pool

The Lounge

The Gym

The Smokingroom

The bathroom

The Mastersuite

The Mastersuite consists of a dressingroom with shelfs all along the walls, and a bathroom with a corner bathtub. The bedroom floor also has a bathroom with a sauna. 


The images above shows the exp, stuff and game packs I had installed while doing this lot. I’m afraid I can not tell you what I used in more detail. If you leave some of these out, the risk is you might miss something. Some might find it a case of “good riddance”, I couldn’t say what you might think.

While we’re talking about “good riddance”, I do know that the Vampire stuff was only used as decoration above the counters in the basement pool. They might not be your style, so perhaps you ditch them. 


Above is a picture of the lot used and traits given to the house.

I have used content from several creators, make sure you download from the list below. Click on the toggle buttons 🙂

The download has now been approved by TSR, and will be up May.12’th. I hope they approve. It has more outside CC then usual, but it should be within guidelines. Below is the ID to the Gallery download, the Bluehost link and Simsfileshare. For downloads on the gallery remember to allow custom content, hashtag for the house 081016. The Bluehost download is instant and commercial free.

Price: 647k

Gallery ID: Volvenom

TSR Download

Hosting Service


Floorplan Slider




The Attic

Upper Floor


Upper floor


Main Floor


Main Floor






Download Custom Content

Download Custom Content

sim-man123 from TSR: The Arcadia set needs to be redownloaded. The toddler patch broke it.

ShinoKCR from TSR: If you would like to reduce downloads, you can choose either Clive Bathroom or Clive C bathroom, the last set has maybe an issue with it’s bathtub, at least in my game. If you choose just Clive bathroom you will be missing some towels and have to replace the bench.

Below you can just click on the download text and it will take you to the place for download.

All Downloads in one toggle
Site Creator Set Object Name Link
TSR Pralinesimes Brick 5 Used in hallways Download
TSR sassitsr Travertino Design Panel Travertine walls and floors Download
TSR Buffsumm Buildsetvilla Windows, frames and doors Download
TSR Ineliz Abel Bath tile b, c and f used Download
TSR ShinoKCR Minimalist kitchen used most of it Download
TSR ShinoKCR Livingroom Clive C used most of it Download
TSR Pralinesimes Parquet 11 Used on the main floor Download
TSR ShinoKCR Minimalist bathroom Glass separator and shower Download
TSR ShinoKCR curtains and canopys used most of it Download
Simsational Design Peacemaker Colour me cyan   Download
TSR sim-man 123 Acadia chair, mirror, plant, fireplace Download
TSR ShinoKCR counters for dishwasher the minimalist kind Download
TSR ung999 black/white living furniture and plant used Download
TSR ShinoKCR Elegant Bedroom used most of it Download
TSR Rirann Damask Print Wallpaper   Download
Simsational Design Peacemaker Colour me blue   Download
Simsational Design Peacemaker Colour me brown   Download
TSR ShinoKCR Clive C Living coffetable Download
TSR DOT New Apple Lamp set   Download
TSR ShinoKCR Minimalist Bedroom used most of it Download
TSR ShinoKCR Clive C Bathroom bench, both towel racks Download
TSR ShinoKCR Clive Bathroom, white Recamiere used, counters in a small hallway Download
TSR ShinoKCR Underthestairs The curtains only Download
TSR Rirann Wine wood wall tiles   Download
TSR Peacemaker Colour me Orange   Download
MTS Sauris 8 paintings by Alphonse Mucha Download
TSR ShinoKCR Bedroom Closet CliveC wall lamp and ceiling spot Download
TSR Peacemaker Colour me Black   Download

Because I’m way too nice 🙂