Big Traditional


with 10 bedrooms

Lillesand Family, Lot Testers

03. March 2017

Blue Morpho House is a very big traditional Swiss style house without custom content of any kind. It has 4 floors and has been fitted with cats and dog stuff. I haven’t made any video for this house, because I don’t have the time. The pictures should be more than enough though.

OBS: I’m leaving you with a link to the xmas 181217 here on simsfileshare. It’s fully finished, it’s just all the work with coverart that takes too long before I leave 🙂

Blue Morpho is a butterfly. I was really just looking for a latin name for the house, I found a butterfly, and looking at pictures of blue butterflies this one seemed very nice.


Lovely Garden

The garden has a pool, several fountains and a dog and cat play area for aguility training.

The house has a big garden with it’s own area for the aguility training, a big pool, several fountains and it’s own access to the beach.

Beautiful Garden

Pool and fountains

Lovely flowers

The Bedrooms

  • The main floor has one double bedroom with ensuite, suitable for the grandparents.
  • The 2’nd floor has a bedroom in girly pink with ensuite, one in boy’ish blue with bathroom in the hallway, a toddler room with ensuite and one bedroom for the nanny or something. There is also the parents bedroom with ensuite and a dressingroom.
  • The 3’rd floor has 2 goth like bedroom both ensuite, and a traditional white and red/pink bedroom with a bathroom in the hallway.
  • The 3’th floor has a single bedroom in a tower with ensuite bathroom.  
  • That makes the house a 7 double bedrooms, a toddler and 2 single bedroom house.

The house has 10 bedrooms

2 bedrooms in pink and light blue for kids.

2 gothstyle bedrooms for older kids

2 bedroom suites for parents

Nice bathrooms, some ensuite.

The house started out with a blue monochrome theme, but I got tired of it after a while. Some bedrooms on the third floor has a goth theme, and the attic has a blue/pink style.

Livingrooms and entertaining rooms

The Familyroom

Lots of activities, bars etc


Downstairs Livingroom

The Musicroom

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a big room for the family to gather, with a diningtable for 4, and chairs around the kitchen island.

The three pictures at the bottom is from left, the dining part of the kitchen, the main hallway and a reading nook in the main floor double bedroom with ensuite.


The images above shows the exp, stuff and game packs I had installed while doing this lot. I’m afraid I can not tell you what I used in more detail. If you leave some of these out, the risk is you might miss something. Some might find it a case of “good riddance”, I couldn’t say what you might think.

This Mansion is built on the 64x64 lot in Brindleton Bay and costs 484k there, but any stately lot the required size will fit. It’s traits are Chef’s Kitchen, Party Place and Great Soil. You have to demolish the mansion already there. 


Floorplan Slider












Fourth Floor

Third Floor






Second Floor






Main Floor







This house will be up on TSR January 2’nd. I also leave you with the ID to the Gallery download, the Bluehost link and Simsfileshare. Since this lot contains no CC, you don’t need to allow custom content, and the link you can find on my account “volvenom”. The Bluehost download is instant and commercial free.

Drop the files in your Documents/Sims4/Tray folder, and unzip them there. Don’t try to sort them or anything.

Price: 484k

Gallery ID: Volvenom

Pictures showing snow on the ground has been made with the mod “First Snow” from Simcookie. It clearly wasn’t compatible with my game though, even the newest version and without any other mods, so I ditched it. It turns out EA came with a new update a few days ago and again managed to ruin many modders hard work, so there might be another update coming. It was actually updated again the same day I wrote this post, that is dec.19. I downloaded the dec.16 update 🙂