This is a little modern tropical bungalow with 1 bedroom and a pool. It’s just the kind of place I would have bought if it wasn’t for the heat. It’s a girls dream holiday destination this house in my opinion.

100516 Beach for two

I just love a nice garden, too bad I live in an apartment myself … but what would life be without the things we miss?

Windows and doors from ShinoKCR, Monaco Buildset.

100516 Beach for two

Most of the furniture in this house comes from a new site I have found. Esatto or Esotto, it is hard to decide or what? The creator obviously had some problems deciding. I found a couple of issues on these items, but how many sets have I found through the years that has no faults? … probably none.

I  had an issue with the wall cabinet with ovens on. There is some spots I felt an urge to conceal … I may have been a bit hard on the concealer though, on the other hand it looks good for the setting I made it for. That means you can’t put it any other place … oh no. I should have used an environmental mod to get the right colors for The Tropics, oh well.

Kitchen from Esatto, Bottle lamps from B5Studios. Diningtable and chairs, with the armchair in the foreground is also from Esatto. the plant on the left is the Brazilian Snake Plant by Gelina.

100516 Beach for two

Una tested the new furniture for me and she still hasn’t moved out. Lucky bastard.

Kelim rug and endtable by B5Studios, Pictures and books by Desdren, Sofa with pillows and the lamp by Esatto, coffeetable and cactus by Gelina.

100516 Beach for two

I couldn’t get myself to ditch the bathtub, even though Una found herself inside – out … relative to the wall that is. Maybe the creator couldn’t decide what would be the best angle for a good cleanup? At least Una was good and clean after, so it’s working.

Tub and table, and kitchen counter by Esatto, Bottle lamp by B5Studios, Snake Plant, modelar planter boxes by Gelina … and where did that plate on the table come from? oh well … good riddence.

100516 Beach for two

I should have made you a video, but frankly you should be happy you even get a house with the pressure I’m under these days.

Bed with bedcovers and chair from Esatto, Vietnamese lamp from Exoticelements along with the curtains, The picture from Desdren. The vase with roses just mysteriously vanished when I installed the sims3pack files, I can’t be bothered to dig them up, you can go out and pick some in the garden.

This is where the video should have been, you can just continue reading below.


The house is basegame and all content used shows up in my game with only basegame enabled. I have used windows from TSR and they cannot be included, you have to download them yourself. The other content is from other sites and if I have sims3pack files, they have been included. Because there is too much outside CC in it.

Update june 24. I crashed into a moderator on mts who obviously stepped out of the bed on the wrong side one morning. They just rejected my upload because of a misunderstanding. I suspect I will now need to have all my future uploads approved by a moderator. I’m too old for this crap. Below is my house on Onedrive by Microsoft. It should be fairly safe and without a shitload of commertials.

Package Download

Above is the “nothing” included file. Below is the sims3pack file where you have to download only the TSR content and Gelinas stuff.

S3P Download

Choose if you like to download the content yourself, otherwise download the most included file. You will need to download ShinoKCR and Gelinas files as package files anyway. Gelinas coffetable only exists as package files.


Beachhouse for two: This is the package files, you have to download all content yourself.
House in the Tropics S3P: This is the Sims3pack file, most is included, but you have to download and install the buildingset from ShinoKCR on TSR and Gelinas things.

[highlight]Below has to be downloaded for both files:[/highlight]
ShinoKCR: Monaco Buildset


Triangle coffee table: I have used the retro coffee table.
Modular planter boxes: have been used in flower arrangement in the bathroom, you can hardly see it.
Cactus and snakeplantes: These are the only indoor plants used, except for some EA stuff in the bathroom.

[highlight]Files below here  is Included in the S3P files, but has to be downloaded for the package file.[/highlight]


Breuer Livingroom: I have used the pictures and books.


Back to Basic: I have used Kilim series 4 (2×3).
Bottle lamps: I have used it as ceilinglamps all over.
Accordion Table: It’s been used in the livingroom. This is an updated download by Baufive, I hope it will just swap into place like suction cups.


SouthEastAsia Bedroom: I have used the curtains and lanterns from this set.


Bedroom: I have used the sidetable with low ceiling pendel light
Paris Quadro Bed: I have NOT used the sidetable with this set.
Kitchen: I have used the counters, counter with books, bookshelf, chair, diningtable, and refrigerator.
Bathroom: I have used tub, chair, table lamp and table. The tub has an animation glitch, Una jumped from side to side while using the tub, but the hygiene was fine.
Livingroom: I have used sofa 2, loungechair and armchair,
Esatto Designsofa: I have used both cushions in this set.
Esatto Diningroom; I have used the Bookshelf 1 from this set.