Restaurant with

piano and bar

Franko Family, Lot Testers

25. March 2017

Very soon summer will be here and what do many people love the most in summertime? What about sitting on an outdoor restaurant enjoying the view and look at people, while you eat good food?

Along our south coast we have these little wooden communities with white picket fences. They are well known for tourisme and fishing in Skagerak.

I made The Fisherman’s Lobby with 44 seats for visitors. It’s a good place for cooking dinners, really sunny and a partyplace. 


It’s built a bit oversized for 2 hosts and 2 cooks. You can possibly delete the extras until you need them. I also placed a waiter station on both floors.

The lot is on 2 floors and has 3 beds for the family owners, 1 bathroom on each floor and a hallway only for the staff. I often see restaurants where the staff has to negotiate people standing in a queue to be seated. I made the hallway to try’n get rid of that problem.

Beautiful balconies

Planted ceiling becomes a garden upstairs

The hosts favourite place to seat diners

I made it a formal place because of my testing family, you might think that is a bit much. The restaurant is probably more suited to casual diners. It fits very well in with it’s surroundings at Magnolia Promenade. 

This is the perfect establishment for those of you with a real ambition for running a big restaurant. You may need a mod to use this lot’s full potential

Such a mod might not excist, even though I know there is lots of mods available out there.

A long bar in the garden

Two hosts

Garden with a fountain

Traditional atmosphere

Garden with lots of shade

Blue and yellow

The Place to socialize

During my testing I saw them being seated on the balcony and then go inside to gather around the TV. When the food was served they often went outside to pick up the plate, and walked inside to sit on the couch again.

Above you can see the balcony outside the windows. In addition to the TV the room has a bookshelf and the fireplace. It should be a very cozy room, and the style is a bit different from the other rooms on this lot.

The Blue Room

The Yellow Hall

Owner's Single Bed

Owner's Double Bed

The Room of Celebrities

The Piano Lounge and Balcony

This is a room on the upper floor, for some reason the host prefer to place diners on the balcony. They like it very much there. You have to hire a pianist by clicking on the piano.


The images above shows the exp, stuff and game packs I had installed while doing this lot. I’m afraid I can not tell you what I used in more detail. If you leave some of these out, the risk is you might miss something. Some might find it a case of “good riddance”, I couldn’t say what you might think.


Above is a picture of the lot used and traits given to the house.

This lot has been made with only EA items, no CC needs to be downloaded.

I leave you with the ID to the Gallery download, the Bluehost link and Simsfileshare. Hashtag for the house on the gallery is 110317. The Bluehost download is instant and commercial free. The TSR link will be available if and when they approve it. If it is approved it will probably be available there before this post is published. I wont have a pc to fix it, so I hope you forgive me the disadvantage. 

Price: 241k

Gallery ID: Volvenom

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