Self Sufficient


Salomonsen Family, Lot Testers

17. August 2017

Husly is a fairly basic farmhouse for people who cherish the outdoors. It has master bedroom, a double toddler room on the groundfloor and 3 single bedrooms on the upper floor.

Last harvest, I harvest twice a week and the last time before upload I earned 22k. The weekly bill was just before uploading 7233,- You may get rich on this farm or you can use it as a base for a business. Icemunmun just released a canningstation mod on modthesims and you can put it in the collections room if you like.


Cozy Farm

The roof terrace on the upper floor has a fireplace, chess table and seating.

Plants included are: Carrot, Onion, Potato, Strewberry, Camomile, Toxic Camomile, Toxic Fireleaf, Spinach, Tomato, American Blueberry, Basil, Sage, Parsley, Grapes, Blackberry, Elderberry, Noxious Elderberry, Growtree, Lemontree, Cherrytree, Moral Mushroom, Mushroom, False Morals, Garlic, Plantain and Appletree.

Lovely evenings

Toddlers Playground

Kids learning skills outside

The house and farm has been planted and tended most carefully by the Salomonsen family. The mod by Icemunmun can use much more plants than this garden has, you might ditch the baseball track if you don’t mind all the loading screens to get anywhere.

The collections room for your collections or the newly released canningstation from Icemunmun.

Lot Traits: Child’s Play, Great Soil, On Ley Line.

This lot has been tested and tended to different levels of quality. They were 3 adults, a kid and 2 toddlers, hired a professional garder, and a Butler.

Pitoresque house

Relax after a hard day in the fields

Keep an eye on the nabours

Flowers are non-harvestables

Much bigger than this and it's too much work

The Inside

The inside decoration is fairly basic, because it has to pay it’s bills and possibly all the fun around. It’s also more about the outside on a farm like this. Below is the family kitchen, the livingroom and the master bedroom.


The images above shows the exp, stuff and game packs I had installed while doing this lot. I’m afraid I can not tell you what I used in more detail. If you leave some of these out, the risk is you might miss something. Some might find it a case of “good riddance”, I couldn’t say what you might think.

The Vintage Stuff is according to the Gallery, not needed. You do need it for the butler though. There is no Custom Content needed for this house. Just download and enjoy.



Above is a picture of the lot used and traits given to the house.

This house will be up on TSR as soon as they approve. For the time being I leave you with the ID to the Gallery download and Simsfileshare, lotnumber is 110617.

Price: 130k

Gallery ID: Volvenom

TSR Download