Traditional house

for a family of 7

Lot Tester

Susanne Rask

30. December 2017

Melsom started as a small house, but then suddenly I just NEEDED one more livingroom. The result is a very nice L-shaped house with 3 reception rooms, 2 double bedrooms, a single and 1 bedroom with two single beds.

Melsom is a farm my forefathers owned at one point, in a place a couple of hours from the capital, where I live now. I think it was much bigger than this, and probably white. In the old days red was a unsuitable color apparently. For that reason all houses had to be white at some point, but as always the poorest just couldn’t afford it. 


Lovely Garden

I was wondering about making it a farm at some point, but who grows vegetables in the winter? Now it has a garden with a pool instead:)

It has the nice new windows and doors from the CaD exp. They look really nice on this house. I gave it a camping table and bench at the front, along with a couple of camping chairs with a candle light, in a corner.

The Bedrooms

  • It has 2 double bedrooms with one fireplace each.
  • One bedroom with 2 single kids beds.
  • One bedroom with 1 single bed.

The house has 4 bedrooms

2 double bedrooms with a fireplace

1 bedroom for one kid

1 double bedroom with two single beds

The house has 3 receptionrooms: the diningroom, drawingroom and the familyroom.


The Familyroom



The Kitchen

The kitchen is a suitable size for this house. I had a diningtable in the room, but when Susanne moved in with a dog, I replaced it with a feeder, dogbed and toybox instead. There should be good room for a diningroom for 3 or 4 instead if you like.

Above is 2 pictures from the kitchen, one from the drawingroom and one from the 2 kids bedroom.


The images above shows the exp, stuff and game packs I had installed while doing this lot. I’m afraid I can not tell you what I used in more detail. If you leave some of these out, the risk is you might miss something. Some might find it a case of “good riddance”, I couldn’t say what you might think.

This house has been built on a 30x20 lot in Brindleton Bay and costs 117k there, but any lot the required size will fit. It’s traits are Bracing Breezes, Gnomes and Homey. The lot is free to use by EA. 


Floorplan for the upper floor






Main Floor







This house will be up on TSR January 3’rd. For the time being I leave you with the ID to the Gallery download, and Simsfileshare. Since this lot contains no CC, you don’t need to allow custom content, and the link you can find on my account “volvenom”.

Drop the files in your Documents/Sims4/Tray folder, and unzip them there. Don’t try to sort them or anything.

Price: 117k

Gallery ID: Volvenom, 181217