This house has it’s name from the amount of lavender in the garden. It has 2 double bedrooms and 1 double with 2 single beds, open plan living, playroom, library, TV room, pool, bbq, bar, fireplaces and a carpark.

190216 Stranda

This is the library, very pretty me thinks in white.

190216 Stranda

I have removed the ceiling tiles in most rooms. Be careful if you fire up any fireplaces. There is a lot of them and they easily catch fire. You can change some of the fireplace columns from the Sonic set with with the regular columns used some places.

190216 Stranda

The house has a glossy style in lots of whites with splashes of color and a dark floor.

I made a video for you, and this time I think even the Germans can watch it ūüôā


The house is basegame and made in a basegame file, so the content used is compatible with basegame.

Download, nothing included

This is the MTS file where you have to download the content yourself.

I uploaded the Gardenbreeze textures here for you, but I couldn’t find the sims3pack version of them. In the TSR file I ended up just replacing them with other textures used in the house already.

Download all included

The TSR file has been submitted, the link above is for the preview only.¬†It has been approved for may 5’th.

Content to be downloaded.

Gardenbreeze by pocci:

The link for this set doesn’t work anymore, so I have uploaded it by the lot link on MTS, or below. Download it if you like. It’s only packagefiles.

Below is the same files as uploaded on MTS by the package file house download. These are also package files. I’ll have to see if I can provide you with something in sims3pack files when I install the house on my old Dell computer.
Cozy Corner patterns: used on walls both outside and in.
Gardenbreeze; BlackPearlSims is no more.


Download, link via Bluehost, native to this site: Cozy Corner patterns by pocci at Gardenbreeze

It looks like the new version of wordpress has some troubles with linking. I’ll just give it some time to update.


Blue eyes paintingset: only the big painting used in the TV room


Nexoria windows and doors. I have used the straight windows 01, you need three of those. The half blinds and the third blinds, 2 files of each. The Slidingdoor. The wood pattern has been used on floors, but should follow the windows and doors.


Artifortliving, armchair and coffee table used.


Solar Wish Garden Lamp Set, I have used all 3 in this set.

LED Puck Lighting, I have used the single P1 light in this set.

Inside Out Lamp Set, I have used HF11 on many walls.

Silk Aline Set, ceiling and table lamp used from this set.


Noci Dining: I only used the fireplace in the garden

Fusion Spiral Stairs


Sonic bathroom. I have used 2 little rugs, corner bathtub, mirror, print and fireplace.


Contemporary Carpets 4, I have used 19 only.

Contemporary Carpets 28, I have used 136, 137, 140.

Contemporary Carpets 6, I have used 28, 29, 30

Black and White Nature Pictures, I have used 1 and 2.

Black and White Nature Pictures 2, I have used number IV.

White Forest Walls, 1 and 4 used.

Winter Forest Walls, number 2 used.

Desert Walls, I have used 1 and 2.

Wood Designs, ¬†I have used 2, and 6 have been used on the ceiling … which I decided to skip in most rooms.

Designer Tiles, I have used 3 and 6

Stylish Tiles 2, I have used Glazed Porcelain and Dot Mosaic patterns.


Elegant Kitchen, I have NOT used the diningchair in this set.

Cafe Creme, I have used all items in this set

Campanelli, both loveseats and coffeetable, and the flower from this set.

Gem, I have used stool and chair from this set.

Niobium Living, I have used console, side table, coffee table, end table, bookshelf, living chair and sofa, and fireplace.

Samarium Living, I have used plant, both sofas, lounge chair, pillows, both speakers, dvd player, television