Medieval Style

Palace with a school,

butler, garden and pool

Franko Family, Lot Testers

10. April 2017

This is a very big Old Style Palace, with a School to be used if you have a mod installed. It has all the amenities you could ever want, there is also some extra room for your hobbies.

This Mansion has been built on the 64x64 lot in Windenburg on the Dresden lot, and costs 991k there, but any stately lot the required size will fit. Lot traits are freely translated from norwegian: sunny, natural light and science lot.

I could have used good school on this lot, but that trait seems to have more to do with homework, and if you’re going to homeschool the kids that is N/A, or does not apply.


Medieval Design

The style for the lot is a Roman-Tudor design, or Medieval if you like. It does not contain anything remotely supernatural for gameplay, and has all the modern fascilities we crave.

The Main floor has 15 rooms, excluded the pool and gardens, Inner Courtyard, Entrance Court, Garden Court and the Bath Courts, and just hallways. The Upper floor has 28 rooms, excluded rooms open to the gardens or rooms below, promenades and balconies. The Attic has 3 rooms for the butler and a roof terrace.

The lot requires the Vampire expansion, but does not include anything supernatural, like ghosts etc and the lot does not include any Sims. If you hate vampires, this lot will just be an old palace with the modern comforts we can’t live without these days.

Beautiful Garden

Big Pool

all hallways ends in a Feature

The promenade

Today I found a song starting with “I put a spell on you”. Quite fitting I think 🙂 I had to cut it down to 7 minutes with Adobe Audition, it’s 57 minutes long on Soundcloud … and as usual Hurra for all the free music around 🙂

It has 2 big floors and some rooms on the third for the butler. The house has 4 staircases in each corner to make movement easier.

It has 6 bedrooms, 3 double beds, 2 kids bedrooms with twin beds, a toddlers bedroom and the butlers room on the roof. That is a total 12 beds.

The Mastersuite

Furnished with ArtDeco furniture

The Writingdesk

The House's only hottub

The Dressingroom and 2 bathrooms

The Master Suite consists of 5 rooms. The bedroom with seating and a desk, the dressingroom, the hottub and 2 bathrooms for the toilet and bathtub. It should be a very comfortable place. It also has 2 of the modern walk-in-closets by EA.

As always on my big houses the important fascilites is in the front middle, close to each other. While the Gym, Gamesroom etc is further away.

In the slider below is all the most important rooms. There is also a room for the photograph studio, if you don’t like that, you can just replace it with your favourite hobby.


The Formal Diningroom

The Small Familyroom

The small Library

The Disco

The Games Room

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is always one of the main rooms in a house. In this house they have the big kitchen, the teakitchen by the gamesroom, and the bbq outside.

The Mainkitchen has 1 of those industrial kitchens, and 2 regular stoves. I had a family of 8 living in the house, and the extra stoves was sometimes needed. 

The Teakitchen has no stove and is mostly for cleaning up the mess. The BBQ is just outside the main kitchen, just to reduce the amount of distance they have to travel. The kitchen is the central nerve in this house, so it’s easily fixed.

Above is the teakitchen on the left, the BBQ and the main kitchen taken from the other side.

The School

8 Desks

... and a desk for the teacher

In addition to the schoolroom itself it has 3 kids bedroom with one double and 4 single beds. There is also a study on the same floor and The teachers office.

Let me take you on a roundtour with this video.


The images above shows the exp, stuff and game packs I had installed while doing this lot. I’m afraid I can not tell you what I used in more detail. If you leave some of these out, the risk is you might miss something. Some might find it a case of “good riddance”, I couldn’t say what you might think.


Above is a picture of the lot used and traits given to the house. You can place it elsewhere if the lot is big enough. You need a 64x64.

The TSR upload has been approved for may. 11’th, that is tomorrow. The Bluehost link and Simsfileshare is available now. For downloads on the gallery, I have to figure out how it works first. I can’t find the button. Remember to allow custom content, hashtag for the house 250117. The Bluehost download is instant and commercial free.

Price: 991k

Gallery ID: Volvenom

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This part of the building is at the middle front. On each side is the big hallway at the front, the kitchen at the back and on the left and right is the family diningroom and the main livingroom.

This is the central nerve in the house, both for guests and family. Here they meet up to be entertained and dine. It has a little garden with the horseshoe and baseball game, as well as the bbq. Here they can sit on warm summer days and be partly protected against the sun in the middle of the day. This house is very well suited for warmer climates as there is little open space. 

From the Inner Court you can get to the games room with bar, musical instruments and foosball table. At the back of the games room is a more quiet corner very well suited for reading, if you still like to stay close to the fun. The games room also has 2 bathroom fascilities, one of them is more luxurious, the other one better suited for the swimmers to clean off the clorine from the pool. The pool is very close by, with it’s lovely garden. On the other side of the games room is a small’ish kitchen. 

From the side of the Inner Court you can reach the Pool or the Gym area. From the front the kitchen, dining and livingrooms has great access to this central nerve. The BBQ is very close to the fridge inside the kitchen.

There is also staircases at the back to access the upper floor, and the kids playroom above the games room.

This is an open space in a more secluded part of the house. It’s can be seen through the windows of the formal diningroom and the gym. On the upper floor it separates the Master Suite, and the hobby areas.

This is used as an open space between the bathrooms and the gym. For that reason it’s well suited for a moments relaxation between the repetitions on the threadmill. The baths here isn’t as luxurious as you might think. They are mainly there for the gym.

This is a very long garden with 2 big pools connected by a 1 tile channel. It has a garden bench in one end, and the dive board in the other. It goes all the way from the family dining in one end, to the games room in the other.

This is on the upper floor, above the formal diningroom. It includes the master with a seating area by the fireplace, a dressingroom and 2 bath and toiletrooms. Connected to the dressingroom is also the hottub, the only one in the house. 

Outside the master suite itself, in the outside wall, is the study or library, for a house this size it’s too small to be called a library as such. The teacher, if there is any, has an office towards the front of the house.

On the upper floor above the garden- and bathcourts, is the disco, photograph and just spare unfurnished rooms. At the back of the house is connects to the gamesroom on the lower floor, and the kids playroom on the upper floor. I called it the Family Recreation Hall on the floorplan. It’s a room for studies and more serious games.

In the middle of the house on the upper floor, is the school with desks for 8 kids and a teacher. Across the hall is 3 bedrooms for kids, one with a double bed and 2 with 2 single beds each.