This is a cozy little oasis in a warm climate where you can buy a bush, eat, or swim in the pool. It also has chess and game tables, and toilets with shower in a corner.

270415 Bonzai Garden

It has two full shower rooms at the back by the pool.

270415 Bonzai Garden

Inside is a small kitchen with a fridge and a sink. Your sim can bring homemade meals and let people serve themselves from the fridge, or have a display and sell small things from there. To have some real revenue from this lot though I have put some bigger planters in here to sell for you. The bonsai now sell for 38, and will cost some to restock, while the planters can sell for 3-600 a piece.

270415 Bonzai Garden


To run this Shop you have to

1. click on items for sell.
2. open shop and set markup to something like 50%, on the register
3. greet customers, answer questions and finally call them up.
4. click on sold sign to restock item.

270415 Bonzai Garden

There is 24 Bonsai to sell, and you have to tend to them once in a while. Set them to “not for sale” before tending to them, and set them back after. From what I found you cannot make them into decorative bonsai and still sell them, you have to go via bonsai buns and plant in the ground on the retail lot. There maybe some solutions here I didn’t see in testing. Just be aware of the slight drawback with decorative bonsai. I was using evolve garden mods from scumbumbo at the time though, so I’m not going to be all clear on that either. You never know, perhaps I’m just wrong

You can also just install it in your game and have as a place to come and visit if you like.

270415 Bonzai Garden


They really liked the pool and gather around while my salesman sim was working on his retail interactions. That is before he picked up his phone.

270415 Bonzai Garden

I may have used moveobjects cheat on this lot. Turn on the cheat before placing the lot with ctrl+shift+c buttons on, then type in the cheat window: “bb.moveobjects on”. If you can’t be bothered take a chance and see what it looks like. It’s just those annoying plants that won’t be placed closed to columns and such, perhaps you’ll do fine without.
Tutorial on moo installation if you like to do it right:


There is no CC needed for this lot, but you do need Get To Work expansion.


Unzip straight into your Thesims4 tray folder and let it stay there as open files. Open your library in game and place on a lot.

Lot Size: 30×20
Lot Price (furnished): 40k
Lot Price (unfurnished): 40k

Additional Credits:
Thanks to all the great modders we have:

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