Lot Tester

Ane Lervik

Earlier in the week I had this need fore some recration. I ended up with a poor single mum storyline. Ane Lervik looks quite nice. I placed her in the same save as the Wentworth house. It would give her some “nice” nabours, more important though, someone I know and made myself. 

I really like this view of the house at night. It fits kind of. I was wondering about how difficult it is to get a similar picture in live view. 

The house carries the mark of extensions etc through the ages. The mother lives in a part for herself, and this little house has 2 staircases. 

The plan was to make it a fairly cheap house, but I couldn’t leave it without decorating the outside.

The kitchen in this house is so small, and cheap. It has only one counter, a sink, a stove, the oldfashioned washbasin, and a fridge. Outside I have the clothesline.

The house has one main room for all family functions. It has this diningtable, a sofa, TV and the hamper and wastebasket.

The house has a very soft and traditional look. I forgot all about the railing 🙁

The downstairs in this house has also a bathroom and master bedroom beside each other. The master bedroom is big enough for more furniture once the sims living here can afford it. 

Above the 2 quite separate buildings is a long wide hallway, more or less. It’s perfect for kids toys etc. The house has 2 ensuite bedrooms for kids. I’ll see if I can get this house up on TSR soon.

It shouldn’t be that much to do, except the 4:3 format on pictures. Most monitors use 16:9 these days. I can’t have a wide border at the bottom either. Apparently they want the pictures to show off the lot and not all other kind of things. It’s a bit silly though, considering the reduced resolution on a 4:3 picture compared to a 16:9. I will have to choose either a lower resolution or have less of the actual picture in the frame. How is that going to look any better? *sigh* I could have used the extra space to show more of the lot or something, instead I have to reduce the impression of my lot? … whatever …