I have given the house a far more simple look by removing columns and replacing glass fences with half walls. I’m not sure the house qualifies as Brutalisme as such, considering it has luxurious marble on the front. It looks to me like brutally honest concrete is needed for it to qualify. 

I removed the kitchen building too, and plan to use the corner room for the purpose. I started decorating the master suite, because I was trying to find a better layout for it without actually making a new house. When I failed, I just started to decorate instead.

To give the house a more 3D look, I used concrete together with the marble. the background of the building is in concrete, while the shiney front is in marble. Concrete sucks light, so it should be at the back. Contrast to create 3D can also be accomplished by light, so the concrete has a dual purpose that way. I wonder if the flat side facing the camera on the right side, should be concrete as well. It lacks contrast at the moment,

I had the very dark brown glass window like feature on the right side, against the road if you remember. To create even more contrast i made some walls blue concrete instead of the dark wooden walls.  

What style should I give this house? I have quite a bit of content from the Westwood project in this game, so naturally the house has some of it. 

The curtains in this room is from kardofe – Livingroom Gloster, The blue letter rug is from Pilar – School Bedroom, The sofa, Plant B with lid and coffeetable from Pilar – Calligrahik set, Sideboards, tablelamp, ceiling lamp and fireplace is from Simcredible – Dual Channel set. Glass shelfs from ShinoKCR – Art Deco set, Wall lamps from DOT – Modern Boxes lamp set, Rug by the TV and the palm on the floor is from Wondymoon – Chlorine set, Floor plant in basket from ung999 – Natural Living, and last I think the square table plant from Pilar – Ambiente set.

I like this style. This is the family room and naturally it has a BIG TV 🙂 I had a game box or what it’s called on the sideboard after I took this picture. The slots are a bit odd on this thing. i could put a radio on either the far right or far left of the sideboard, but the game box har far more slots. This sideboard is also listed in the TV category along with other put-TV-on bits’n pieces. 

I wonder what happens if I upscale that bathtub? It’s a bit on the tiny side. Some people migth say the room is a bit on the big side, but that’s luxury for you. The Master bed is also a bit small, purhaps I can upscale that as well?

The parents master suite bathroom, and the rug is from ung999 – Bedroom Minh. 

Above is the mastersuite’s bathroom, dressingroom and bedroom. I have started on the bathroom, and probably finished the family livingroom.

I have also updated my blog a bit. I have started building start pages for different subjects. Today I published the CAW starting page. I still need to make project pages for Stranda, Castle Island and Rendalen Island to put up there. I don’t know if I’m going to bother with that last big place I never finished. While finishing that I had a few issues I had to sort out. The new page is available from the CAW button on my home page.