You may have seen my houses

I thought for a long time about making my own blog, but did I have enough to fill it up? I found out I did, so much so I even had to invent a system. All my houses start with a date. Like my first download here, starts with 100112, that’s january 10, 2012.

You like to download my stuff?

I don’t know how many houses I have uploaded, but as of this update july 2016, I have close to 55 creations on TSR, and 79 houses and worlds on MTS. I had some 3 pages of lots and some world files on TheExchange, but i believe it’s taken down now.

A bit here and a bit there

I’m at present on many sites as either Volvenom or Tulla. I have this thing for NEW … anything really, so I have pictures, files and portfolios on sites I have lost connection to a long time ago, and now i have a NEW computer as well. I’ve been here for a while, and the computer brain of ours has to kick something out, to be able to store NEW things from time to time. It’s also quite selective, and that’s a blessing really. After all don’t you remember all those things you would rather forget from time to time … and now I reminded you about it 🙂

I have 257 videos about my houses, tutorials and “lets build” on Youtube, I have several videos and sometimes keep me updated on the community on Google +, have some downloads on TS3cc, post pictures out of my ears on Flickr, post about my doings on Adobe’s Behance, I stopped hoping for some Patrons on Patreon, post my projects and search about special subjects on Twitter and have a Facebook account for Volvenom’s Creations I never update. I also post my interiors on DeviantArt when others suddenly reminds me of it. It seemed like everyone was on Tumblr at a time, so I made an account there as well:), I even post my NEW houses there these days. Then I have some uploads on 4Shared and Mediafire, now the NEW thing is Onedrive from Microsoft, mostly because it’s fairly safe and all the commertials I don’t need to bother with. I wonder if I even scratched the surface on that list?

Styling or just stylish?

My style isn’t all that easy to see, it’s a little bit all over the place. One day I make modern with a twist, then I make a traditional farm, a palace, or just a regular home. I still think there may be some things I don’t do. I’m not good with maximalisme style wise, or highly mathematical building wise. I like it simple or simplified, even if it is complicated to make. Others tend to say it’s too complicated on Youtube etc, while I think it’s very simple, so simple a tutorial isn’t really needed.

I’m also a great fan of colors, so much so I started realizing I needed some guide to help me cool down. I found “kuler” by Adobe. Great tool, pick a color to start with and click on triad, monocromatic or any of the 6 options available to you. Then I found a different site for color palettes like colourlovers, I’m Volvenom, but lost the password, now I’m instead using SecondOption. It’s similar, but more social, light hearted, and practical.

I hope …

… I will be able to give you lots of inspiration and perhaps some technological kicks. I’m good at technological challenges, and new building blocks made useful as design. Technical can very fast become the sole objective for a project, and it ends up looking like a horse. I’m not very good at sticking to a house just because I want to get it out. If it isn’t good it will be abandoned. I hope I can give you some ideas on how to finish a struggling project. Even though I don’t like it, others might find it inspiring and fun.

In the beginning I made lots of projects I had to leave, these days I do that very little. I usually know what I won’t be able to finish, and stay with a project even though it’s not something I find fun anymore. The reward only follows finished uploaded projects.

The boring technical bit … that is so important

In Sims 3 these days I make new game folders for a batch of houses and convert all sims3packs to package files for the building process. When I’m finished building I install all the sims3pack files and export a second version with sims3packs. Using sims3pack gives a lot of problems I don’t have with package files, like launcher problems. Houses won’t install, they install double, patterns won’t install or they install with something else, items is included, but then Custard say they are not etc, etc. Oh my how easy it is with package files, put them in your mods folder and the only thing you need to worry about is if I have included the right files or which one of the files in the mods folder is what. I can just not save, go back out, find out what’s wrong and fix it, new installation, still don’t work? Well who cares, I just use what I have or find something else. I’m probably missing an expansion or something. So much easier solving the problems.

In Sims4 it’s all just package files, so the problems are very similar to Sims 3. I just have to make sure it’s all included, and not include files that hasn’t been used.

Now on to some essential details

The Sims 3: I have these exp and stuff packs:

Sims3 Basegame, World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural, Seasons, Island Paradise, Into The Future, High-End Loft, Outdoor Living, Town Life
I like to use the WA pyramid staircase, lots of Pets and Town Life furnishings and construction, outdoor living bbq furnishings. Ambitions has the fog-emitters, always nice to keep in mind. I use a gameselector mod from Ralphaelninja on mts, so keeping track shouldn’t be that hard.

The Sims 4: I have these exp, game and stuff packs: 

Sims4 Basegame, Get to Work, Get Together, Spa Day, Dine Out, Perfect Patio, Romantic Garden, Outdoor Retreat

Other programs

These days I have finished an education in Technical Drawing. I’ll see if I can entertain you with some posts about that as well. I hope to be able to make some furniture with my new knowledge later on.


I hope it will be a useful experience both for you and me. I will post from time to time from other programs and how I update this blog and fix issues as they come. I do also hope you find something nice among my uploads on this site.