I only showed you half the pictures of the garden last time. This time I’m going to show you some from the other side of the house. As I said, it’s a big garden 🙂

I have replaced the lawn in Brindleton Bay this time. I don’t always do that, but the dull moss green with some strange looking single strains of grass, just didn’t look good to me. I used 3 different kinds and blended them all together. The grass from the Outdoor Retreat pack is vibrant and lovely, but tiles horribly, so I needed to blend some. It can also be a bit too vibrant.

This fountain is the main focus of todays garden material. The plant with the big leaves comes with the CaD exp in several different colors. Some of them are very fantasy and unnatural looking.

The area with the green hedge on the right, I will show you a bit further down. The area at the back is a place for talking under the parasoll or just have a suntan close to the house. The benches will have to work as decking chairs, or what you call them. The game still don’t have them or the animations. I guess for a modder the animations is the real hurdle.

This world at night almost looks like winter. It’s snow everywhere, not a lot of color 🙂 At least not when you’re not close to the sea, but that is part of the charm with this world. 

I made this fountain and had colors lights with the jets. The statue is really ment for a table, but I upscaled it. The contrast between the blue and the green in the fountain is really what makes this picture fun. In between the trees in the background I placed some fountains. 

Here is what I talked about earlier. The area with the hedge. I had a problem when I put in a gate. Suddenly the hole fence vanished, and I couldn’t make another one whatever I did. It was almost like the ground had contarminated. I’ve had to struggle with this problem before, so it’s obviously not been fixed by the patch. 

I had to put in objects instead, so that’s why the tree had hedges suddenly.

The bedroom I promised you should probably serve as a parents bedroom, and the one on the main floor can be for the grandparents. They usually have problems walking. 

Sometimes where I live, we use these wooden boards inside and paint them. It kind of ties up with the past, and works well in an old house. I was looking for a bed to use and really wanted something blue and white, but the one above is what I ended up on.

I had originally wooden floors here, but ended up on this carpet instead. This bird wouldn’t be a problem then. These fabric floor stencils doesn’t look like carpets to me. 

The dog and cat in this house are both quite small, so the little pet bed should do the trick. If the they can stop waking up the family that is.

I gave them a dressingroom without a door as well, and it’s of course ensuite. The bathroom is a bit small and frankly more white and cream tiles, with blue and white counters. 

The floor to ceiling mirror is hidden in the right corner. I like that cat pot, I wonder if it comes in many colors. You need somewhere to sit while you put on the shoes as well, or just somewhere to put the clothes you have selected.