I was suddenly in this farming mode, and setup mccc mod to have 15 people in my household. So why not build a house for it? 

As you can see above the roof line of this house is rather special. I found a way to cover up the faulty edges between the different towers, that doesn’t look too bad. The house is a monochrome brown theme, which works great with the roof trims. The windows are white and light blue, at least the one in the attic.

I’m thinking I could make quite a bit out of the garden to give them a good life as well, not just hard farmlife. I still need a farm building of a kind. The house also has a basement. I’m planning to make a garage down there.

The house has a very simple layout, with big square rooms. That makes it easy to put trims around on the roof. it doesn’t stop in an odd place or decorate in a place it shouldn’t be. The trims relate to rooms, and all my rooms are square. 

The main rooms are on the side towards the garden. I have from the right the kitchen, a diningroom, and the livingroom. On the left corner should be a more private livingroom perhaps? They all have fireplaces. 

On the middle floor I have 2 big bedrooms in the middle with ensuites. The bedrooms in the corner also has ensuites, but are perhaps a tad bit smaller. The bedrooms towards the street has a bedroom and dressingrooms as well. I’m planning to have the dressingrooms more like a hallway into the room though, perhaps a dressingroom should be more secluded.

In the attic I’m planning smaller bedrooms, with bathrooms in the hallway. There are several big windows and a big balcony though, so I might have trouble finding a good distribution of rooms.  

I expanded the house later on, to house a “driveway” to the garage in the basement on one side, and the farmbuildings on the other side.

This house is going to be cc free, so I made the middle hallway into a showstopper hopefully. I could have used the gold walls perhaps, to increase the impressive look in the hallway. The benches in the end with the window should perhaps be tested before I release it. I have placed 2 sofas on top of each other, because they don’t fit the opening. 

Here you can see the extension on the left side. The extra building is suppose to be the driveway down to the basement. The room I have decorated is a library of sorts. 

This livingroom is perhaps more suited as a more private room. I intended it to be a library, but now I’m not sure. The table is from the fitness stuff pack and the sofa from the Vintage stuff pack.