I finished the xmas house before I left, but as the time was a bit short to make the upload for it I’m giving you a link for the download now. I’m leaving for Rome tomorrow, so this will be the last post I make before I go. I have uploaded the house to simsfileshare. The upload on TSR will have to wait until I come back. Link here.

I’m sorry I don’t have any daylight pictures for you, I will have to do that when I come home 🙂 

It’s located by the river in Brindleton Bay. I really like that hood … if it just wasn’t for the horrible grass texture.

I’m quite happy with this house. I haven’t used any regular xmas decoration, because then I will have to include that pack from EA … I think. I didn’t want to do that. Some might have their own things they will use instead. 

I have used more of the muted colors from CaD amoung other things. I really like the windows, and there is so many of them. My tester, Susanne, has a little dog. I made a puppy for her and it’s adventurous. I sent her off on an adventure with the dog, and I could do some decoration at the same time. 

This wallpaper is quite nice me thinks. It has a soft touch and I moved my livingroom decoration from last time into this corner room instead. It’s quite lovely here, with the fireplace and everything.

The diningroom is where the livingroom was previously. It was originally a very small house, now it’s close to doubled the size … the house that is, not just this room 🙂

I didn’t originally like this bed, but in this room with the wooden walls and the fireplace it’s looking very lovely. 

I downsized the picture on the wall, and that worked nicely. Very often pictures cannot be scaled without odd shadows on strange places. This room is the only single bedroom. It’s located on the upper floor, at the end of the extension, with a very nice big window. I put the desk by the window. From this room the kid has a good view on the backyard with the pool.

If everything goes as planned, I should have been back home yesterday. That is dec.29.