This post was suppose to be about the garden or basement of the industrial modern house. When it was about time to get on with it though, I much more wanted to explore a new different floorplan. It started with an asian floorplan I stumbled on while googling for something else. That’s usually how it is, isn’t it? You google for a specific house and find everyting else. 

I’m using the same merged vaulted build set by Peacemaker at Simsational Design. I believe much of the wood and stone is by Pralinesims. Part of the test was to find out how to use windows that, thanks to EA just doesn’t fit together anyway. It’s a bit useless though, considering I’m using Peacemaker’s windows.

I found a big enough flat surface on the walls to fit the wide frame windows from EA on. The garage should probably fit 2 cars, but I have to make those out of toys for kids and upscale them to a scale they’re not made to fit, but who cares as long as you can imagine cars living here, or what?

I’m fascinated by the 70’s housewife’s windows on the second floor of the building, above the garage. On the lower floor I put in some high windows to kitchen, but had to realize that the “conservatory” took up that place. It didn’t matter much since I put in windows in the inner walls towards the kitchen and had daylight through 2 walls. 

The slanted roof above the garage has to be replaced with a balcony. It’s the only regular roof on this house, and that cannot be.

The black part of the house is the 2 floor high hallway. It separates the 2 parts of the house. On the left is the master bedroom on the main floor, and probably a bedroom on the upper floor as well.

On the Asian floorplan I found the house had an entrance to the house through the garage and it had a wet room in that hallway, along with a staircase. It also had a livingroom stuck in between all the rooms in the house almost. I couldn’t do that. In this dark cold north I live in, most of the year is cold and the livingroom needs to be somewhere you can stay all day.

The room closest to the camera on the upper floor is probably a bedroom. It has it’s own staircase down to the garden. I made it that way because of the hallway separating the 2 parts of the house on this floor.

The top floor goes straight through the house as well, but it’s not open to the lower floors. It has 2 or is it 3 big balconies and a smaller room on the side. The smaller room acts as a hallway at the moment. It would be useful if I could manage to use the long room as “hallway” and have this room as a bedroom. I was thinking this floor could be used for the kids.

The upper floor has a room in the upper left corner with a fence towards the 2-floor hallway instead of a regular wall. The room on the right side with the white floor now acts more as a hallway with 2 doors, mainly because of the main hallway. The room with the windows and the balcony on the left side also acts as a hallway. It’s probably better suited as a roofterrace room of some kind. That leaves only 2 rooms on this floor to be used as bedrooms.

On the main floor the kitchen with the conservatory and the livingroom should be the best rooms. Both has exits to the garden. It has 2 small rooms, where one of them will be the bathroom. The livingroom will have a fireplace, and the long hallway will be a room for more informal relaxation, perhaps even entertainment.

On the right side is the mastersuite with a dressingroom and bath. On the front is the room for the Butler, or just a bedroom. I just think it needs a bathroom, but where do I put it?