This autumn we had 2 assignments with feedback, not counting the group assignment in GTA. We also had a 3 assignment, but we haven’t received any feedback on that yet. I hope we will get that now in January. 

I’m posting some pictures of the final result for you here. I have done quite a bit between each round. 

The Parthenon was used as an armory at some point, so I tried to give it some look of big holes from cannons etc. Apparently it was bombed at some point. Really making a ruin wasn’t that appealing to me. 

The teacher wanted me to use more displacement maps. I was a bit apprehensive because of the added weight. A displacement map actually adds geometry, while bump maps only makes a fake structure in the map. If you look closer on the roof, you will see the roof tiles stand out from the structure a bit. It’s really only a flat texture, but the displacement makes it look like it’s made that way as the object.

The environment around it, is a heightmap with a custom texture. I downloaded Antelope Canyon from Sketchfab for free. It was much bigger than I thought 🙂

I added the background in Photoshop later. I had to reduce contrast and light on the background, and add more on the render. One thing I have to think more about though is adding randomness to the procedural maps. I can’t have them appearing on the same place every time I have a column. After all a cannonball wouldn’t hit a column at the same place on each column 🙂

This is the same appartment as on the top. It’s far darker here. I don’t know which one I prefer. It might be that this one is too dark, while the top one is too light. There is also a lot of reflection on the top picture. I wonder if it’s too much.

All the objects in this scene has been made by me. I wonder if I posted the lamp for you earlier? I had some serious problems with the glass. Then I just used the same material on the shade here, as I made for the floorlamp I made later. 

The black leather round pillow in the sofa has been made in Marvelous Designer (MD). The 2 other pillows has been made in 3dsMax. The round one is naturally far more organic. MD is a physics program, trying to simulate the forces of nature on fabrics.

Then I wanted to see what it looks like from the outside. I made this house in Revit, and imported it into 3dsMax as an FBX file.