Compare this two top pictures. The quality of the one below is slightly better than the one above. The ceilinglamp is something I made, and it needs more of the refractions and reflections and what not, because there is lots of glass and reflective metal in it. From the last render I have changed the wood in the sofa and placed it in the scene.

I was trying to find a way to import my house from Revit and have it organized, but that didn’t work out. I end up having tons of files of wooden horizontal and vertical beams, and there is a lot of them in that window. I’m not even mentioning the glass.

There is a beam in the center of the lamp, but it looks slightly off center, but I the lamp was intended to be a bit off center. Actually I’m a bit disappointed, I didn’t make it more asymmetrical. In the end it ended up a bit too normal, but I didn’t plan it that much.

I still think the sofa needs more pillows in the back. I’ll see if I bother with it tomorrow. I have a kitchen to make and some more stash. Like the curtains, a painting, rug etc. The scene needs more light though, and that is more important to the assignment together with materials and uvmaps.

What I did make a sketch of though, is the table lamp. I was thinking the design of a Tiffanylamp would nice. I will show a bit of skills, and I can attempt to map the rounded shapes of the glass shades. I was thinking ceramics and metal could be a nice mix, and glass in the shade as I already said.

The lamp is perfect for a revolve as it’s called in Inventor, in 3dsMax though it’s called a Lathe. I make a line and revolve it around an axis. If you know about these things, you probably see some flipped normals on this shape. I had to turn them around, it was pretty easy, but a good thing I noticed before i made a big construction out of it. 

The metal rods on the top is for the shade, but when I made it I was thinking about a regular shade, I don’t know if it’s good enough for a glass shade. Silly me. 

The light will go in this end, with a regular light bulb I think. The ring for the rods are too wide again. i made that mistake last time as well. 

I decided on a square base, because it’s rather round everywhere, it needs some tension. I could just downscale the top, as you can see it’s way too big.

This is the rod I used to build the ceilinglamp around. I just built an array around it and multiplied it some times, to make the first floor. Then I multiplied that and made a new “floor” with the same. I made 4 of them and made a cylinder as it’s called, pulled it through the floors to tie them together. 

The leaves I made suddenly had this irregular relationship with each other, and it made it more like cut diamonds in different angles. I kind of thought it would make it more bright. The end is where the lamp is. I made an array with them as well, to multiply them on the rod only. 

I gave the leaves a glass material. The purple part on the lamp is where the light comes out. It’s the only part that lits up on this lamp. It doesn’t light up that much, but there is one on each end and several on each “floor”, and 4 floors. Hopefully it’s just what is needed.