Our second assignment at school is to make an apartment with furniture. I was allowed to make the apartment itself in Revit. It’s a program Architects use to make their houses. It’s far better at handling houses than 3dsMax. I didn’t see the point in making it in 3dsMax for that reason. 

I worked in Revit to get a nice round landing on the staircase. It’s suppose to be a luxurious apartment after all. The texture on the short wall I downloaded from sketchuptextureclub.com. It fits very nicely on that short wall. The door is something I downloaded from the net somewhere. I don’t remember where, but in the end I ditched that wall altogether.

I’m seeing an old bick factory building by the Aker river. I was thinking about making that opening with an island on the right side in the opening. I was thinking an opening going from the main door and through a gap between the counters.

I’m planning to make an island and some basic counters for the left wall … or perhaps I should have it on the right side? For some reason I’m thinking I need a wall there where the counters will meet the livingroom, on the corner with the staircase. I’m not sure other’s would really bother that much about it. Perhaps I should just ditch the thought, and let the kitchen counters just end there on the corner.

The house in 3dsMax is looking good. I’m planning to have a sofa with a coffeetable, a rug, and I also have planned a dresser somewhere. The wall I have taken down in 3dsMax is long and needs something to make it interesting. A dresser might be a bit sad and lonely on that wall. I’m also thinking about making a fireplace there, but it all depends on what time I have left to do it.

I don’t know how I ended up on this design. It’s a bit chunky and perhaps not quite fitting the house. I didn’t quite think about that when I made it.

It’s a bit chunky, but it’s also quite complicated and giving me some good opportunities to work with uv maps. It’s something I hoped to get on with soon. We’we had about it in the classes, and I have just about checked it out.

They probably need some cushions in the back as well. I made a pillow, but it’s probably better suited as a deco one, it’s probably too small for the back.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make an organic looking pillow. This one is made from a box, with soft selection vertex pulling, and symmetry. I don’t know about the “thread” around the pillow. I was trying with a line, but did it the wrong way and have to redo it, if I choose to keep it. I was thinking I could either just duplicate the pillow and pull in that, but it’s not showing much knowledge about the program. I was thinking a loft could work as well, with a path around the pillow and a circle for the shape. 

I’m using some leather I downloaded from sketchuptextureclub.com. It’s on the back now. I don’t know … it’s a bit hard. 

I mean I could add a turbosmooth on the back, but I think I tried that and it all turned bunkers. Sometimes the vertexes overlapps or adds extra polygons in unwanted places.

As you can see the bach has some black shadows. I have to fix that. I might just be the surrounding. I just made it a box as a room around it. I have imported the house now, and I’m looking forward to see what it looks like.