I have this complicated idea for a project and needs to develop my ideas. It’s this 3 level house, very simple on the surface, but i plan on adding to the architecture using a software called Revit. We’re suppose to learn about it in school later in spring.


It starts with this very simple structure. Only the right vertical square is on the third floor, while the left horisontal part is on the second floor. First floor with all it’s technicality is in the basement.

Around the very simple structure is the program menus from Revit. I will remove those from the picture for my later pictures. It will just be confusing and make the structure even harder to see.


I’m not planning these two structures to meet, so I need a staircase somewhere. Below the structure on the right will be perhaps the entrance or some other garden feature. It will be sheltered by the vertical building.

The building is 6 tiles wide on each wing, or 6000 as I very roughly has estimated one tile to be 1 meter wide. The lot has been planned to be 50×50, and Revit withdraws a bit on each side for wall thickness. I don’t need to worry about that in Sims.

As it is now I have planned the entrance by the staircase below the vertical building. To enter the horisontal building they could just walk around the staircase into the sidebuilding there. I was thinking the backside of this building could have a garden of some kind.

Several days later, perhaps even a couple of weeks and the house has developed in Revit. I decided to not worry about the wall sizes. I just need to give myself some slack here. In a building process it would matter a lot, but for Sims it’s just an annoying.

Elevation Southfacing

This is south facing construction drawing Revit style.


Lets get to the real thing shall we? The soft red is below ground, but will have opening to the ground of the house. I’m planning it to be on the Castle Island 50×50 sloping lot. That front part will then overlook the Island and the sea.

Perhaps you recognice the walk-in-basement on this house? I plan to do that on the left hand side of the building.

I just realized that placing it on Castle Island the entrance in the green part of the building, will be on the wrong side of the house. Typical isn’t it? The street for this house will be on the other side. The yellow part of the building will be dangerously far out from the rest of the building. The way I like it. I probably have to downsize this building a bit to accomodate an entrance where I want it, or perhaps I should just have the entrance on the other side … *thinking hard*


I’m using this house for a work assignment in school. The blue wall is below ground on the backside here or what will be street level on Castle Island. It’s a massive house. That lot is 50×50 and I may have forgotten that while planning. Downsizing shouldn’t really be a problem, it will just change the relationship between the scale of different components in the building.

If you’re wondering where the windows are? They arn’t yet, I will have to do that now.


This is a rendered picture of the building. I don’t have many materials on the building. I’m not happy with the curtain wall where I’m planning to have the hallway. I will probably insert the main entrance door there somewhere in the Sims house.

Another thing I see on the rendered building is the big support column is a bit too wide seen from this side. I just need to finish a school project for this house this weekend.

For my school project I need to get a toposurface or terrain in here and I have been struggling with that. In Revit merging the surface objects together makes it cut through the house. I should have made the surface first and then built the house. A bit late now, so I can’t merge them. At least not around corners. I have limited time on this project for the school, that’s the real problem. I have to carefully judge what to use time on. I have worked hard enough on merging surfaces, now I need to get on with it. I could possibly merge some of the surfaces, those who don’t go around corners.


The blue square above is the 50×50 lot boundery, and as you can see I have to downsize. Just as good probably as the house looks very big. Oh yes and it’s only on the groundfloor. I have take another picture to be sure.

Lotboundry_03 floor

Above street level this house has 2 floors. This picture shows only what’s above ground. The main ground floor building with the view on the left horizontal side and the long vertical building on the right side. You can see the support column there in a gray colour.

My plans for the Sims house can be much bigger than the school project.


A few color fixings and ground surface later. I see something I need to think about for the future. Unless I want the floor to be visible through the walls, I have to make the floors inside the wall.


This is as far as I got on this assignment. We will be working more on this house later at school so I’ll just keep it until then. I have the other house to work on until then.