While working with all the other things I have been doing for this house, I used this coffeetable in the living – and smokingroom in the wing. Why not use it here as well. For some reason I’m contemplating using the concrete version of it here. I think it just might work.

In the old Jacobean style house I found these lovely sets by Pilar. They can work here. I would have liked to use the Georgian doors by Peacemaker instead, because I can have it darker wood on the inside and white on the outside.

I can see this room as the room of an adult kid or something. It’s perhaps mostly for girls? That means the house has 4 regular double bedrooms, where one of them is the mastersuite. It also has a nursery with it’s own “bedroom” for the nanny. Perhaps she needs to be downgraded to a babysitter though, the room is really only a hallway to the kiddos bathroom, and the kids toilet is in that room … Bah! lol. 

The problem is I have a shower in the kiddos bathroom, perhaps I should just ditch that and put the kiddos toilet in instead. The nanny doesn’t really have a bathroom. There is showers downstairs though, they should work. I can see her taking a towel and clothes downstairs to clean herself up with some peace and quiet. She could decide to take a bath though, sometimes that might be tempting, and perhaps the kid is asleep or something?

These walls are the next thing to finish up before the house is finished. I can’t remember if I made bump and specular maps for them. I think I decided to just let them stretch on the wall to make 3 wallsizes. The way I made it with a pattern overlay for the pattern, I wonder if it just makes more of the pattern fit to the layer I made for that, instead of stretching what is there. I don’t think the other parts of these walls really makes such a difference either. The backpanel is also a pattern, but I didn’t use pattern overlay for that. Perhaps I should have?

The topp part for the curtains has a Spanish name or something. I think Pilar is Spanish or perhaps Portugese. It’s a very nice thing. I used it for the kids nursery, and naturally dragged it with me over to the double bedroom. This bathroom opens to the hallway, but it serves the same bedroom.

I had a challenge making the different parts by EA fit together. I was kind of thinking if I use a green sink to fit the cabinets, the fact that the top and bottom part of this kitchen from the Parenthood exp doesn’t work together, is less of a pain. I don’t know. The counters has round buttons and traditional fronts, while the cabinets has vertical grooves in them and modern handles. For some reason they decided to make the sink in the same look as the cabinets? Just to ensure nothing works together? Nevermind, I’m gonna leave this discussion here, because everyone knows this subject has been used and misused too many times.

Another one of the walls I have left to finish. I sent a message to TheJim07 who converted the Romano/Greek statues from ts3 to 4. He said it was ok to use on TSR. For this house I wonder if that will be the only thing not from TSR?

… no they are not, of course Peacemakers windows and doors are another one, but it’s all one file I think. Is it only doors though, perhaps I can use the windows as well. I have to get this CC list together.

Looking at these walls, I think they have a specular map. You can see it on the suddenly lighter parts of the wooden base. I have been thinking the walls are too light, and the specular have too many light parts to it.

This hallway is outside the big formal diningroom with frescoes.

I did a tiny change to these windows because I wanted the right curtains in the smokingroom. Looking at it now, I’m not sure. Perhaps I should use some tiny windows instead?

In the Jacobean style mansion side of this house, I have the double bedroom and a bathroom on the side, and then I’m contemplating having a single bedroom on the side, for a kid or something …

Here is the hallway between the bedroom and the main Baroque house’s staircase. It’s a bit small for most things, but I needed the hallway to be something else than just a tiny 1 tile thing. I’m still not decided though. I made the tiny room made available, with windows above the main entrance, into a dressingroom or something. It has mirrors on each side.

This is the nursery with a tiny babysitter bedroom and the bathroom. It’s a room with rather a lot of impressions. It’s a spoiled kid, but that would be natural in such a house.

The hallway has a teakitchen with a fridge, dishwasher, sink and a radio. The radio is rather popular for music and such. This is the area where the bigger kids learn new things as well. The balcony outside the hallway has a chesstable, bonsai and harvestable plants, an easel in the kids brown playroom, and a dollhouse in a room with Arabic mosaics. That’s another one of my Jacobean wooden walls.

The house is looking almost finished now. I have the garden to finish up, and the Jacobean wooden walls to sort out, and it’s good to go.