I have been thinking about how to make the bridge for Angkor Wat. I think I need a top for the cars, and 2 tunnels for the boats, but perhaps even a decorative ring or something. It looks like most bridges with tunnels like that, has a ring where the tunnel meets the side of the bridge. 

Since I know well about solids I’m going to start out with boxes and sylinders, and use Proboolean tools to subtract and union them. 

I started with this box to make the main body of the bridge. Then I right clicked the move tool and changed all parameters to 0. It will make sure my bridge centeres around the midpoint. 

Then I made a cylinder and made sure it’s bigger than the short side of the bridge and the right size to make 2 equal holes in the bridge. Then I move it in position and duplicates it using shift while moving, to make an instance.

I have to make the cylinder with straight edges, so I make a box the same width as the cylinder, and position it below the cylinder. Then I click the cylinder, under create geometry I select compound objects. I click on Proboolean, choose union click on start picking. It will make a union between the object selected and objects I click on after. 

I did the same with the other cylinder, but it’s also possible to duplicate after it’s been unified.

Then it’s time for the subtraction to make 2 holes in the bridge. I choose the bridge body and pick, as with the union, I select subtraction instead.

The two tunnels isn’t quite perfect. I think it’s too easy for me to complain about things that isn’t quite perfect. The world isn’t perfect, but then it’s also the fact that I often end up making several attempts and this can be my first. 

I think the bridge needs some more decoration, so I built an extra part of the bridge for the sides. I’m planning to put some textures on it, or perhaps even make some statues or something. I just made another box and dublicated it twice. 

The bridge perhaps a bit small. I plan to scale it up, but that way the tunnels maybe the wrong shape. I think perhaps I should add some more tunnels instead. I could make a tunnelsection and then just repeat it several times. I also have to make the decoration alongside the tunnel openings.

This way the top of the bridge should be something the same size as the green decoration sides to the bridge. I should also keep most of the parts as parts, because I have to map the textures and it will probably be better to do that if they are separates.