Can you see what’s wrong with the picture above? … If you can’t I’m not going to help you out 😉 Just kidding. The bridge is about double the size. I’m thinking the only thing I did was to put on some textures, so they are probably the wrong size duh! It turns out the original was the same size, naturally 🙂

I found out why my bridge wasn’t visible in caw. I was just being confused. They need to be installed in a packages folder in the caw game folder in programfiles. That means I will have to run over the computer everytime I want to install anything, but I’ll have to live with it. I don’t really plan to install so many things for caw … I hope.

I tried to make the connection to the sims 3 game mods folder as suggested, but in windows10 it’s not that simple. I decided to make that one of the battles I didn’t need to win. 

So much has happend from when this post first started, but this is the clone I made in an earlier post. Some subjects are just so outdated, do I need to show you this bridge? Anyways here it is, my own clone, but as you will see later, I decided not to use it.

The roads are warm yellow’ish cream, while this bridge is cold in color. There is also something seriously off with the placement of textures. 

This marching men texture is mirrored and very small on the bridge. At the moment it’s 2 places on the side of the bridge, on both arches, and it’s on the column like structure in the middle, that is just too much. I also have a strange line of some decoration about half up the brick pattern. I also think it should be lighter, it’s a bit dark.

I didn’t get to use it, but it was still an interesting excersize, perhaps I’ll find something else I can recolor.

This is the road texture I have made. As you can see it’s off related to the bridge. At the back of my mind I see the temple at Ankhor Wat very gray’ish in the background, but looking at pictures I realize it’s more yellow’ish. I want to go for the right look, just to make sure the temple and it’s surroundings look good together. 

Another thing you can also see above is the grid I have to line the road up against. You can also see the routing I have to fix around it. The routing I haven’t even looked at yet. I will have to have something I can fix before I can look at the routing. The symmetrical lines ending up in the middle is a lot, and the white line across my road is a chunk boundery. I should probably place important stuff away from the boundery. I have heard about terrain tearing happening a lot with structures above chunk bounderies. On the other hand, I know tearing can happen elsewhere as well.

I didn’t like the width of that bridge, so I tested other bridges. I think this one is quite nice. It’s not the depth I would have liked either, but perhaps I should just fix that with ground or some rocks. 

I have done some changes to the default green grass in caw and replaced it with the texture below. It’s starting to look like it’s more in the tropics, it’s wet and light.

I looked at some of the pictures from this area and figured they are more brown’ish than gray. I think I may have to give in on that. Where I come from stone is gray.

I had some trouble importing the bridge into s3oc to recolor it, for that reason I made a separate post on that. Here comes the “how to make a port” subject instead. Then I can refer to my own post here.

… It’s one of those things when you work in caw, you work on one thing, but then suddenly someone says something, and now the subject is instead the height of bridges in caw, and what I can use with houseboats. It turns out I can use the suspension bridge in Bridgeport, I just need to get it to the right height. Thanks to Simmy for that.

It’s part of the same discussion though, because ports are for houseboats, and they need to have the right height above water and the right height above the roof of the houseboat. The houseboat can have 4 floors above ground I think. It’s going to be quite high, but you never know what people might decide to do, I’m not just making this world for myself.

I have been fiddling with layouts and putting up bridges and roads. The MonteVista bridge is growing on me as it is, which means I don’t have to make a clone. It’s only good, because I wasn’t too sure I would be within copyright regulations supplying downloaders with just a recolor. I have to be able to say it’s my bridge, just a recolor doesn’t fit the bill. 

This is the layout before I changed it all to fit the Arc De Triumph. I will have to take that next time. I will also do some changes to the canal layout, because I didn’t like my previous attempt.