I have started fiddling with my next project. I picked up some inspiration from a discussion on mts about Brutalisme. Most people probably don’t like it. I think it can be very nice. I did some googling for buildings I could shamelessly copy … or probably more like be inspired by. Buffalo City NY’s Court Building kept coming up, and frankly I think it’s beautiful.

From wikipedia: “The structure is a classic example of Brutalist architecture; its facade is dominated by large Precast concrete panels with narrow windows. The design was conceived with limited windows in order to keep the courtrooms and judges’ chambers free from outside distraction”. 

Picture from wikimedia commons here.

It wasn’t that easy to get all the right angles, but it is in many ways quite similar to things I have made in the past, so used some of that to put in windows despite the original creations original look. I’m not going to use it as a courthouse, it will be a domestic building. I need some more light for that, but I’m not going to add that much. I will have to do some careful adaptations, or the beauty will be gone.

I couldn’t find any inside floorplan, but it’s probably not going to help me that much. I need to add some light into the apartments despite the fact that the building has very little windows.

I simply added a section at the back with all windows to the top. I didn’t make it that big. I just wanted to add some light into my lobby in the center of the building. To keep the light flowing I put elevators and staircases on the side of the lobby.  

The building is only 5 floor high at the moment. I need to get it higher. That is much easier to do in Sims 3 because I can just cheat my way with cfe from 3 to 15 floor or whatever. As long as they are all the same, that isn’t going to be a problem. 

From the front I have added some balconies with windows to the inner courtyard as well. Atrium perhaps, when it’s like this. If I devide the floor up into 4 units. They will then have this “hallway” of light at the front, and the glasswall at the back. I will use those for the livingrooms. The bedrooms will then have to fight for the rest of the windows. 

I’m using Revit for this planning stage. I can then just use whatever texture I can download. For Sims3 I will have to make some or just download something. I might also use what’s available and recolor it a bit. The texture above is what I use, and it’s a bit grey. I have to add some more color to it.

Here you can see the first floor with flats. I shrunk my lobby a bit and could put apartments infront of the bigger windows. At least at the back, I should have good room for a nice openplan livingarea with big windows and great views. At the front I had to make a hallway with windows in it. That’s where the main entrance will be as well. I put balconies above it.

In Revit I put a bit of outdoor lighting from Buffalo NY in the us on the house. That is without a roof at the moment. I think this can be quite good. The back could probably have an outdoor terrace with a garden or something. I have made the house 30 tiles on the widest, that will be 30000 mm or 30 meters in European measurements. If I put it on a 50x50 lot in Sims3, I should have good room for a garden, and perhaps even a garage.

Seen towards the lobby inside the atrium of this house. I don’t think the staircases is going to work in the highrise in ts3. They might end up having a queue in the staircases instead. I will need some adaptations in ts3 anyway. Perhaps I can have a staircase on one side and elevators on the other. The building sure needs more floors, as is now it looks rather chunky.