I downloaded a digital pattern by Burda, you know the wellknown pattern makers for home sewers. My mother used to buy patterns from them in the shops, and I googled a bit and they came up, so I tought why not? They had this pattern i PDF and I could just make a square in it and copy the content. I then pasted it onto a new document in Photoshop, scaled it using Tranform under Edit meny. Hold down Shift and drag the corners out to make it bigger. Then I cut the document to fit. 

The video on the right is one of the tutorials I have been using. It’s has been a very helpful girl so far. I’m also using Lori Griffiths tutorials a lot. 

This one is about tracing a pattern, and I need to do that a lot in the beginning. I know very little about how to make patterns for humans. Before starting this I have already downloaded a Sims4 Avatar to fit my dress.

Lets start with a simple dress

This is what the dress looks like in the catalogue. This should be possible to do. Perhaps I can have som lace on the dark part as well. I’m planning to take this into 3dsMax or perhaps even Blender, and see how far i get into the game. I’ll just have some fun with it.

On the left is the part I think is the main body of the dress. It has elastic bands around the waist. I’m thinking perhaps I should make that a separate part of the dress, so I can fit it to the avatar as something to fit the dress on. I need this physical environment to work, and having a separate part to fit the top and bottom too, might work better. 

Below I have imported the “fabric”, or just pattern from Burda if you like. I have reached 1:34 in the video above.

I clicked on Edit Texture at the top. It’s marked in yellow on this picture. The black mark at the bottom moves the pattern and I used it to turn the pattern around to fit my Avatar. The yellow and orange arrows on the top right scales the pattern to fit.

Where did my Avatar go? i just added it to my project again.

It looks like just the front or back though, do I need to make 2 parts of each? I have been watching some of Lori Griffiths videoes and they usually are different on the front and back.

On the left I’m trying to fit it to the Avatar, is it the right size? I could possibly adjust it a bit when I see how it looks. I could just give her a belt now and have something to fit it to. The pocket is an internal one, and won’t be visible on the dress. I might just as well ditch it.

Tracing the pattern

As CG Elven describes I made a square with the yellow button at the top. Added some points when I needed to, and made extensions and curves as i saw fit. She had a seethrough texture she used. I could have done that as well, but I know Lori Griffiths had a way to make a pattern seetrough in MD instead. I can check out that later.

I’m thinking I have to make two symmetrial mirror patterns for the front and back, because I’m thinking they should be 2 equal parts for both. I just have to check my pattern to be on the safe side. Another thing I need to know is what part is the what?

Pattern: It is very important not to scale the document.

The pattern was a bit wide in the lines, but I can adjust it later.

I found the pattern I was suppose to write out, but of course it’s way to big for me. Unless I can use a smaller pattern printed at the top. 

This is just the kind of thing I end up in a loop about usually. I don’t follow the tutorial right and end up fixing stuff. Perhaps I should do it right now and rescale the real pattern, because the lines looks much slimmer. It’s not as easy to trace them wrong.


It should be more logical though, when I have all the arms.

The pattern I should have used has far more information and far more lines. I believe it’s to fit different sizes, so lets see what size my model is. Only I need dinner first.




A bit of a blow ... ?

Then I suddenly found Lori Griffiths video on how to use real patterns, and she can’t make it work in the video below. Am I really better than her? Then I just realised I didn’t need the more complex pattern with seam allowances, because I couldn’t use them anyway. Lets just settle for this more inaccurate pattern and get on with it.



I completely forgot the top of my patterns. I just have half the arm on her dress.



I probably have to rework the seams again, and I had quite a job making them fit in the first place.




Below I have the more accurate pattern on as a fabric, but I’m not tracing it on, it’s just a fabric like any fabric. Lets just see how it work.




Since I was trying to fit incomplete patterns together I had a bit of a job making it fit. I finally made it fit in the window on the left though and it looks right. The fabric has been sewn together above her arms and in the sides and the front. That is the most important thing to make sure it doesn’t just fall down. 





I’m sitting her late at night and wordpress and Divi theme keeps adding space between my rows, what is this thing? No I don’t want space there, but where do I remove it? There’s so many options to this theme now, and they just keep adding on to it.




This is the dress. It’s looking quite good, but a bit short perhaps. When I fit the arms on properly I should make sure they are better sewn together in the sides.




I replaced the silly pattern fabric with something from my waste library of fabrics. I didn’t think it would tile that well, but it’s looking good.




This is just reduculous, where does it all come from? I have to take a brake here, it’s too late for solving puzzles. I will have to finish this off later, but making clothes from real-life patterns looks good to me. It’s a fact though, I never stick to a plan wearther it’s made in stone or not.