I finished the murals and submitted them for TSR. I hope they approve and show them off sometime during the weekend. If they need any changes made, I can do them before i go on vacation on Tuesday. I hope to have some posts ready for you, about 3 or 4 so I have some time after coming home to get my acts together.

The picture at the top is the coverart I made for this mural. As there is 15 pictures to show, I made 8 pics for the slider on TSR. I hope the list of paintings used and the small thumbnails on the cover, shows the rest off. 

The top painting is a classical renaissance painting made for the French Sunking I believe. It’s from 1784, that’s just a few years before the revolution isn’t it. That was in 1789? Must be a later French Louis then. Anyway it’s French and now resides in Louvre. 

For the coverart I thought it would be nice with something less distracting, so I removed the plants. The room is so much nicer with them though. I was thinking I would use the Roman Fresco from Villa dei Misteri in Pompeii, the red one. Thinking about it though, I rather like the French painting.

The picture above I think should be very easy to recognise by the English. It’s apparently very famous over there. It’s by the painter J.M.W. Turner. One of, or perhaps even the last navy sailing ship is being towed to be taken apart and it’s pieces being reused. I think it’s rather lovely with the bright yellow and the old brilliant sailing ship being towed almost as a ghost, behing a rather dirty barge. I also found a variation with more blue in it, but I liked this yellow version.

It’s the problem with paintings, or really any colored art on the internet, just a little bit of adjustments in Photoshop and the original is gone. I had to use my best judgement sometimes and took what I thought looked more realistic. As soon as people start adding colored filters and overlays, skin and such starts to show, and some of the quality of the original suddenly have a not so very high quality overlay.

The Bump map on this wall was rather odd, because I chose to treat all the complex layering different. Some parts didn’t need much of a bump, like the background. The top moulding though needed quite a bit of help to stick out. I made the part that would be closest to the wall, no bump at all, while the parts that would stick out has kept part of the decoration. It was just to make it stand out more, and because it’s all rather dark really.

This is one of the really big icons: Sandro Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. While reading descriptions to give it on TSR, I learned it wasn’t called that by Botticelli himself, and is wrong. Venus is ascending from the water, not being born. It’s from 1486 and resides in the Uffici Gallery where I have been actually. I was there when I was in Florence. Perhaps it was a couple of years ago? 

I took this picture when testing if the texture looked good on the wall. It’s with EA’s bump and specular maps.

I was searching for navy battle pictures and some battle pictures. This is one of the navy battles I found good textures of. It’s by Aivazovsky, The battle of Chios 1770. I learned on a documentary that Peter the Great was the first one to give Russia a navy? I don’t know, but it’s so incredibly white and with the dark blue water, the contrast is very intense. I found it fascinating.

It’s almost a bit dirty, just because of the colors used, even though the painting isn’t dirty at all … or it might be of course, but I think it’s because of the painters chosen colors. It makes it look dirty. War is dirty, and it’s very interesting when you compare to all the other battles on my search. Navy battles are being glorified, but this isn’t in my view.

Peder Balke is a native of mine. He mostly painted northern Norway scenes like this one from the North Cape Plateau. While the most loved norwegian painters all painted romantic landscapes, he painted these bright minimalistic high contrast scenes. He’s so incredibly modern, you might almost think he lives, but this painting is from 1840. He’s being brought into light now and the price of this paintings grows as a result.

I compared his paintings on the net with big Norwegian icons from the time, like Tiedeman and Gude. They just didn’t compare well. I think Balke is in a completely different league. I’m no expert though, this is just my humble oppinion.

This dark painting from 1860, only 20 years after Balke, is painted in the US by a Germany born Albert Bierstadt. It has some of the same qualities, but it’s well and truely based in it’s era. Balke seems to belong in a different time, Bierstadts painting from the Sierra Nevada is magnificent with it’s atmosphere. They both has this great atmospheric qualities I like.

I had fun searching through these paintings looking for something that would look great on a wall. I discovered a few things as well. I have a want for more portaits on these walls, but that means I will need a 2 tile mural. I wonder if changing 0,25 to 0,50 in the warehouse in sims4studio, will give me a 2 tile mural …