Elegant Themes has updated the Divi theme I’m using. I couldn’t find the layout I’ve been using lately. I usually build them myself these days, from a basic one I uploaded some time ago. They made me a script one time, because I wanted to have a different top image from the one on the front page. 

What was i talking about? Oh yes, I couldn’t find it. They have rearranged the layouts I made myself and introduced some of their own in a new feature. I finally saved last times post with todays name, but I still had to go searching for it. Turned out it was saved on each alphabetically, even though it says it’s suppose to be a date list. Anyway … I got it sorted. 

I have been doing quite a bit on this house. I’m mixing and matching modern and old, as long as the color combination is fun. This is the master bedroom. It’s in yellow, peach, red and orange. It makes a blending kind of theme. I like them.

I’ve been trying to use Colorlovers lately, but they have turned on their users. It’s tons of commertials on the site, and it’s the offensive kind. It’s like those on Face offending the royal family in my country, and when you click on them, it turns out to be not related to the offensive message at all. I installed a Block plugin for Chrome, and now it’s even more useless than it was before. It tries to load the commertials I hate and the plugin can’t really remove them. I mark out the area to be removed, but Colorlovers just reupload a different set of the same shit, if you excuse my French. 

Enough of the rant. 

I’m happy with this house. It has this delicate look, even though some rooms are really quite colorful. This bathroom belongs to the master. These counters only has 3 swatches. The white one was too white, and the other one wasn’t much fun. I guess I decorated the room to fit the counters, since I had so little to choose from. 

I had a lengthy discussion with myself about the laundry. I ended up having the hemper, and then I need somewhere to wash the clothes … I guess. Anyways the house now has a washer and dryer, and the metal thingi in the basement. I really liked that red cabinet, too bad it’s only in a damaged swatch though.

This bathroom has 2 tubs actually. I only needed a shower, but why not add a double function, they are the spoiled kind after all. 

The green counters look really nice with these pale blue curtains. I’m using a lot of the mosaics in this house. They have that fun glossy look. 

I have fireplaces in all the main rooms in this house. This kitchen has a sidedoor. I later made a terrasse out there, and put the clothing line out there. It then turned out to be a small backyard. I’m going to have some vegetables there. It will be a very short trip to harvest something before dinner. 

By the time I write this, I have finished decorating the main floor of the house, and also a couple of the rooms upstairs. Then I went for a layout in the garden. I had the family from the Italian house I’m using to grow the plants I need, They don’t really tend to the farm when I’m not there though, so I have to keep going back and forth. 

So what kind of a livingroom is this? I have realised the English language has lots of words for that room, and they tell what class you come from. My country is too homogenous, we’re all workers apparently, or so they say. It’s not that we don’t have rich people, they just don’t count. They are only selfish and only interested in money. I don’t know … why does success have to be something negative all the time? 

Anyways … bright yellow, and this house turns into something more maximalism kind of, you know as oppose to minimalisme? I’m thinking I used to make these modern minimalist houses, but ts4 doesn’t really work with that. It becomes bland and too specular, strange with lights in the wrong places. Minimalisme requires precition, ts4 is nothing like it. I’m thinking I should go back to ts3, but for some reason I don’t really want to do that. 

What a ranting post this turned out to be …? I promise to improve for the next post.