I’m working a lot on the pictures needed for the upload at mts, and I’m fixing up the text. They didn’t like the way I organized it, and some of the information wasn’t right or inconsistent. They also wanted me to make the DIY now. It makes sense probably, then I can just be finished with it. After all the time I’ve used on this world, it’s probably an advantage to the downloader that the world has been built before. None of the things I’ve made is impossible to make for the downloader, so I finally decided to delete all the lots.

Making a DIY had all kinds of issues. Boat hulls wouldn’t go away, not even when I deleted the hole lot. The same with a couple of small pocket boats. I also have some sea weed annoying me on the dive lot. Lets see if cleaning the global layer will fix those issues.

Stranda V2 Finished Nature

I have made a test save of my finished DIY version for mts, or backup:), and will post some nature shots I’ve made for the upload to spice the post up a bit.

To do this I need someone else’s guidence. In this tutorial Simsample makes a new layer to replace the global layer with. I’m pretty sure I have an old world I can use. Since Simsample isn’t around anymore perhaps I should go looking for auntielynd instead. I was pretty sure I saw a tutorial by her somewhere, now I can’t find it.

Lets try just replacing with an old layer instead, I don’t need to make a new layer for this, I have all my saves still.

Stranda V2 Finished Nature

Lets read the actual text in Simsample’s tutorial first. I find a warning about some world objects may be lost because they are stored in the global layer here. I’m not sure what this means, do I have some objects on the world at all? I do have a couple of places with a bench and planters actually. Lets just keep an eye on those after I’ve finished. I’m doing this on a backup after all, no harm done. She suggests to do this if I have an excessive number of objects on my world layer, and I really do. I have pages of them.

Stranda V2 Finished Nature

I’m finding lake district from 2012 in september, how far back do I need to go? My problems with objects in this world all started after Island Paradise, so 2012 should be fine. Considering I have so many objects I probably should use a save as early as possible. Did I try the waterplanes that early, July 2012? I made smaller world before I found out I had to expand, I should probably go in before the waterplanes testing. I probably did it in a test save, but better safe than sorry. I was testing textures on the file itself, that could have added more size to the files. I know I deleted some unused textures later some time with s3pe. Testing textures in july and testing textures in august 2012. Lets just take one, it’s only a backup after all.

Stranda V2 Finished Nature

The earlier the better I guess. I just need breakfast and a coffee first. Perhaps I should read through the thread before starting on this, it would be a very wise thing to do. Coffee first.

Each layer has a hex identifier which is unique to your computer and the name hash- so if you persistently call your layers the same name (trees, lots etc) then there is a chance you may have an identical layer number. However, if the layer does not have an identical hex number, you’ll have to associate it correctly, or else the world file won’t identify it.

I picked this one up from the thread. A quote from Simsample.

Now, with Island Paradise, if I use this method, my houseboat does not stay connected to the port. I find that I need to enter EIG one more time, reassign the boat to the port, then save and exit. There are only a few objects left in the Global Layer this way. This was done with a fresh sims 3 folder with no mods.

I found this from post number 24 Chuckles, and he goes on to say:

I did also encounter some problems with trees/shrubs/flowers disappearing from only the resort (no other lots), but I suspect that may have been mod related, as with no mods, this problem does not repeat.

My problems with stuck plants are also IP problems. Looks like I need to take out my mods before doing this. Since this is a DIY I don’t need to worry about lost trees on the resort, and connection for boats. Lets get into the tutorial at number 3.

Stranda V2 Finished Nature

3. Open Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 Create A World Tool\UserToolData\Worlds\Test\Layers. This folder contains all of the layers for your new world, although this world will only yet have one.

4. There will be a global layer file there, named something like GlobalLayer_b4ba0049cb118ac0.layer. Copy down that hex number- in this case b4ba0049cb118ac0.

I have 6 layers at this point in july and my global layer is 1.5 month later than the rest of the saves? I copy the HEX number, lets hope I have the right amount of digits. Mine is 900f004b5000aa60, 16 digits.

5. Copy that global layer file, in this case Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 Create A World Tool\UserToolData\Worlds\Test\Layers\ GlobalLayer_b4ba0049cb118ac0.layer.

I think I’m gonna make a backup for later safe keeping on this job. I might want to do the same with the unpopulated version, if I do it to the populated version, all the Sims will be deleted. I have to keep the original folder name as well, I just copy the folder and delete the layers I don’t need in the backup folder.

Stranda V2 Finished Nature

6. Go to your original world layer files. In my case that world was called Jericho and so I went to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 Create A World Tool\UserToolData\Worlds\Jericho\Layers. Find the Global layer file, in this case it is called GlobalLayer_367800357d9626e0.layer. Copy down that hex number- in this case 367800357d9626e0.

I will just copy that into my backup folder, so much easier for a lazy person like me. I don’t know if it matters, but lets just keep it separate. I copy my testversion save folder to the same backup folder, and delete the files and folders I don’t need.

7. Delete the existing global layer of your original world (GlobalLayer_367800357d9626e0.layer) and paste the one from your test world in there (GlobalLayer_b4ba0049cb118ac0.layer).

OBS! Make sure this is the right one. I’m deleting the one from the DIY, because that’s the layer I want to clean up. I now have a backup of both the new and old in my backup thanks to following the tutorial. My layer to be removed in the testversion of my DIY I’m using for this is 1000kb, the old file is only 32kb, easy to see if you’re unsure. Done! *biting nails*. Then I put in the little 32kb file instead.

Stranda V2 Finished Nature

8. Now your world has a new global layer, but of course we have to now connect that global layer to the world file. So, open your original world file in S3Pe. In this case I opened Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 Create A World Tool\UserToolData\Worlds\ Jericho.world.

Ok? Isn’t that what I just did? *Off to do what the teacher says*. I have s3pe somewhere … Simsample’s use of original is a bit confusing for me, but it’s of course the new DIY I’m caring about, and that’s where I have replaced files. I’m opening my test version of the DIY and the .world file itself.

9. Find resource UNKN 0x0498DA7E and right click> open it in your hex editor. I use XVi32 , which I have associated with S3PE (Settings> External Programs> Use an external Hex Editor).

The tutorial maybe a bit old here, but my s3pe isn’t that new either probably. I have to find the resource first. I click on sort by hex only at the bottom and find the file. I have nothing under hex editor in the right click meny on that resource. Downloading XVi32 then probably.

[highlight]Settings> External Programs> Use an external Hex Editor[/highlight]

Stranda V2 Finished Nature

Should I be looking for an updated version somewhere? Searching for hex editor free download on google I come across HxD from download.cnet.com. That first post on google is probably paid for, but I think I have seen that name before, and the hole page is full of it. I could ask for a review, but some of the hits are from reviews, but I don’t know those people. The site download.cnet.com is the same place I download Spybot Search and Destroy from. That program that took my Trojan a year ago. I’m just gonna download that thing. 52 votes and 5 stars … I’m probably like a lot of people I download, but don’t give out stars. It does the tiny little job I want it to do, and if it introduce viruses to my machine I wouldn’t know :p It want’s to install in my programs folder, oki. Then I istall it into settings as suggested above.

10. Take a look at the figures in that opened resource. Look familiar? That is because it is the same hex figure that you wrote down in step 6. In this case, 367800357d9626e0. However it looks a little different in the hex editor, it displays as E0 26 96 7D 35 00 78 36.

Good thing I wrote it down here then, because now I have to edit obviously.

11. You now need to overwrite that figure with the one you wrote down in step 4. So in this case, b4ba0049cb118ac0. However, remember the endianess- I need to type it thus: C0 8A 11 CB 49 00 BA B4.

12. Click File> Save and close the hex editor.

Stranda V2 Finished Nature

I then right click on the UNKN resource in #9, and now should be able to click on the hex editor I just installed. That’s working. In the tutorials number 6 she copied from Jericko’s world file and not the new world she made. Since I’m using the same world it should be the same perhaps? I didn’t make a new one. Silly me, the numbers on the two files are the same. Just as good really, because I didn’t understand the number the HxD editor displays. I should have used the hex editor suggested obviously … whatever, lets see how it works.

The sea weed isn’t gone, but I forgot to take out the mods silly, I was sitting here thinking about it … forgot. From what I posted earlier it seems to be connected to trees from IP disappearing. The boat hulls are gone though, but that’s just what I wanted. Lets see how this turns out with a new sims3pack file. Lets build a house! :D.

Stranda V2 Finished Nature

I remove the mods and the DCBackup folder from the caw game folder I have been using, and will then install it into … I should check the description before I go ahead, and then make a new save. I called it DIYcl as indicating cleaned global layer. The Global layer is now only 1 page long. I took the mods out … I didn’t use those on the DIY lol. It ends up on 83mb. I forgot to delete the dive lot and that killed those annoying see weeds. Back to caw and eig to remove that lot, taking out DCBackup and mods again. I took away the lot and made a new export file to be uploaded.