Contact and Policy

Here I have left a little something if you want to get in contact with me. It’s nice to be able to talk about subjects I bring up, and I ‘m used to getting good and terrible critisism from the feedback forum on MTS. Some feedback I may need some time to think about. So don’t worry if the answer doesn’t come immediately. I have to accept all comments before posting, so if you can see your comment it means I have seen it.

I just need to put up a few rules:

Spam: Sometimes comes from computers and some from people posting. I’m very good at deleting spam. If you want me to read your message, don’t make it look like spam.

Comments has to stay informed and on topic. You’re awesome messages are ok.  Be nice to each other please. I do accept messages about why I’m this popular when I write about nothing and my pictures are mediocre, but not every day.

Then a little bit about my policy. You may use my houses as you wish in your game, but do not upload them anywhere, and claiming them as your own is just plain rude. You can quote what I say in my blog, but please credit me when you do.