I had an idea for what this post should be about, but then suddenly I had this problem below, and how should I fix this? With some pictures it’s about double the size of what I usually post, so I guess it should be fine. 

I was reading tutorials about how to open objects from worlds in s3oc. I have to do that to make a clone I can recolor in Photoshop. It shouldn’t be such a problem. Just rename the world file, or don’t even do that. They said they would download the object and not the file, but I downloaded the world as one, and not item by item. 

Then I had that big error message taking them into s3oc, so how do i fix this? 

I made a thread on mts about it, and ss the discussion turned out, I realised this world file would be full of objects, that is files, and from my experience they might not even have a recognisable name when I convert them. I should have downloaded my bridge alone.

For that reason I made a subfolder in my usual Downloads folder by the game. I can remove it or just move it later. I then copied the world sims3pack file and put it in there.

Delphy’s Multipack Extractor is a very useful tool if you like to run CC in Sims3 as Package files. It converts them all. Download available here

It’s just a file you put somewhere for later use, and then go back there whenever you need it. Click on the .exe file to run, and click on the Browse button. In my case I Navigate to the subfolder in my downloads folder for both the browse buttons. It will then pick up the sims3pack world file sitting there, and put the extracted files in the same folder. It’s very easy to see what is what, so it shouldn’t be a problem. If you want to separate them, just make another folder for the extracted files.

Because I downloaded the world as one object my folder looks like a mess of nameless files. You can be wiser, and just download the file you need from the store.

Then you download the file below and run the .exe like you did with the multipack extractor. I navigated to the folder with tons of nameless files and clicked ok. It started a process and a green bar showed how it was doing.

This is the download for Compressorizer Redux. It’s an ancient program from 2011 or something, but proven good in the Sim 3 community. Use with care I would say. This is an instant download courtesy of Bluehost. It’s the same file fixed in the mts thread I posted a picture of at the top. This is just in case.

This part of this tutorial you might know already. Simlogical has been housing the s3oc and s3pe programs for ages, download both. If you haven’t used them before, download the object tutorial by Orangemittens on the side while you’re at it. You will only need the start of the tutorial, unless you have bigger plans.

Download all 3 and put them somewhere on your computer. Open the s3oc folder and click on the s3oc.exe file. It will start the program, and you can make a clone.

Click on file and open package. Navigate to your folder again, and pick up the file you want to work on.

Since I’m such a nuthead, I pick up file number 2, because I already tested file number 1. If it picks up the file without throwing error messages at you, you’re fine.

s3oc show me the information in this file, and this is where I’m going to refer you to Orangemittens tutorial. She does a much better job explaining the detailed stuff then I can be bothered to do. 

… and this is only a decrapifying tutorial. What you want to do with the file is a different matter.