This diningroom has lots of colors, just like most of the other rooms in this house. I had to adjust the colors and intensity on the lights, because the walls very easily reflects too much. Most of the rooms in this house has rather big rooms. It’s a good thing. I have moved a family in. I made them for the Wentworth’s testing for the CaD exp last month I think. They are called FitzWilliam. Some of you might recognize them as the family that owned the Wentworth house for a long time.

The columns used by the fireplace usually has a moss green gradient on the bottom level. They also exists in this rather normal white marble one’s. 

On the far wall I have a dressingtable and a mirror. I’m looking at the lamp above it, and wonders if I should reduce the size and have one on each side instead. 

This room is more private and in a wing close to the road. It’s close by the office and with a door out to the farm part of the house. I made it into a familyroom with toys for the kids. 

I used the white marble sideboards in the first picture. Here I’m using more colors and staying around blue/green mostly. 

Finally I decided the familyroom should have more toys and less seating. The room has 2 ottomans as well, by the door. 

The bar is the last of the 4 rooms towards the frontside of the garden. For some reason I like the intense floor rugs in yellow and red. I also used it in the diningroom. 

This house is going to be cc free, so I made the middle hallway into a showstopper hopefully. I could have used the gold walls perhaps, to increase the impressive look in the hallway. The benches in the end with the window should perhaps be tested before I release it. I have placed 2 sofas on top of each other, because they don’t fit the opening. 

The gallery by the garden has more modern paintings perhaps. I wonder if the lights are too high. It’s a rather classy room. 

The livingroom is perhaps more suited as a more private room. I intended it to be a library, but now I’m not sure. The table is from the fitness stuff pack and the sofa from the Vintage stuff pack. I wonder if the rooms should have more subtle colors, closer together and more reduced. The next part of this house to show, is the garden.