There has been a while since I did some work in Revit. I used it during my education as a technical drawer. it’s very practical if the goal is to get a job, since it’s used by architects. 

In total this is my second day on this house. You might think it’s missing something? … like windows? My plan is to make them myself. It’s not that hard and I have done so earlier. I found it quite rewarding. I’m just wondering how I can make curved windows to fit around those lovely functionalisme curves. 

Making houses in Revit takes longer time, since it’s so easy making my own stuff why not do that? … it takes longer time, but it will be more my house. 

I suspect I gave it the wrong name. SummerGarden? That’s suppose to be one of those extensions with glass walls. I was also thinking the circular wall with the staircase should have something of glass. It’s going to be hard putting anything up on that wall in the livingroom, so I might as well make a feature out of it. 

There is an opening in the SummerGarden towards the garden, that makes it possible to see through the hole hallway from the entrance to the garden. I’m also planning to have a curved glasswall in the bathroom. I would prefer something frosted. 

The 2 fenced in areas with wooden floor are big balconies. I wonder if I should make them concrete instead, and why is it pink in color on pictures? I think I gave the wood some tint, but as you will can see in pictures higher up, it’s a bit much. 

On this upper floor I plan on downsizing the livingroom a bit, and put a bathroom somewhere. On the other hand … how does it look with the light coming in those frosted windows me wonder?

I was working so long with this staircase. There is no lights inside this room yet, so I just turned the exposure wide open. The glass doors comes from somewhere called Syncronia, from Shoin. They look very nice, but might need some framing. I could just ditch frames though if I use white render walls. The clean doors looks very nice with the white walls. 

Most of today was used trying to make the staircase the way I wanted it. I even struggled with radial array to make it work. Then I just adjusted the circular wall a bit and could fit the ready made circular stair work.

This is the same hallway taken towards the front main entrance. I have used exterior render with an exposure about 7. That’s about the same exposure as the interior render above, but outside is usually brighter I guess. 

The glass door on the left side needs to be adjusted. The height of the floor here is 4 m, that might be why the staircase needed so many steps. I have set the other doors to 3100 mm or 3.1 m. 4 m is very high I think. I wonder what happens if I reduce that to about 3 meters. I then have to redo that staircase and most other things I have been fiddling with all day. 

In Revit I can make little things like the wall to cover the ceiling and the floor above, I’m not depending on EA to think about that for me. That makes it possible to sit for hours with tiny little details 🙂