I finished my assignment and uploaded it on friday. I’m not totally happy with it, but it should be fine enough for our first assignment. I managed to fix 3dsMax on my stationary by just turing the UI switcher in one of the roll down menus at the top.

I gave the inner chamber a very dark marble color, because it looks like the original had some perhaps copper or wood. I have these marbles from “sketchuptextureclub” I can use. We have to think about where textures comes from and if we’re allowed to use them. These I know I can use.

3dsMax has this option to make a door. It’s a rather simple feature, but it was just a box for me, so I had to do some changes to make it work. It had frames and glass options, and I tweaked them til they showed an actual door. I then made this rather odd door with an asian wooden texture, and put it on a regular wood texture. I would have liked to make the asian wooden flower into a map of it’s own, but it was late and I had to deliver. I can do changes later though. This is just a feedback version.

I tried it in yellow, but I didn’t quite like it. I was trying to give it more color like it would have been, but I though it looked much better in just marble.

Above I have 2 different objects on the wall frieze. The horsestatue I made from a line around the edges of a picture I found on the net, and extruded it. The one with simple straight lines I just made of square line boxes. 

The pattern on the top is gable is another thing I googled, and it looks rather like the original probably should have. I wonder if the original has been kept as one of the marbles that Englishman took home. I don’t remember the name of them, but the name comes from him I think. 

When I finished it I made a plane to put the temple on and gave it this regular gravel texture. I made it as a displacement map, not the usual bump map. Displacement maps are more heavy on the computer. It’s perhaps a bit too big on the stones. I tried tiling it down a lot, but should have done more to it obviously.

I rather like the texture it sits on. I could have used a background picture, but would have ended up in discussions about where they all come from. Just using a texture from the same place as mentioned was easier. As you can see I also put roof texture on the polygons giving shape to the roof.

The temple inside has a lamp obviously. It was pitch dark in there before, I couldn’t see a thing. We needed the architecture inside as well, so this is just to show I made the interior.

My columns are rather rough, but I may get a chance to fix that before the final submit has to take place.