Back to the Victorian/Swiss style house or 1890’s hotel as someone suggested. It’s rather lovely on the outside, but the inside is a bit much low detail meshes by EA. This house has no CC, which increases the chance of uploading it. Much less hassle for me. I decided on taking the garden today, it’s quite big and the house needs some colors on the outside.

I continue on the monochrome Blue theme outside, except for the plants. I want them brighter because my options are rather small and I wanted some colors outside. It’s not like I’m only doing blue on the inside either. 

The pool area are quite dark at night, but I put some big lamps there. It still looks rather dull. I have some jets in the garden in blue and yellow, but in this corner the pool is all there is.

The furniture doesn’t work in rain, but it never rains in ts4 anyway 🙂

The animal course has a good place at the back of the garden. I put fountains on each side with very symmetrical trees and plants. It’s a rather traditional house, but the garden might be a bit much for such a small house. 

I have been testing the course and it’s way to simple in my opinion. The dog learned it on it’s own, but the moment the parents comes to run the course with him, he suddenly fails. Then it takes very short time for him to learn it. 

The tree with the white flowers comes from the new exp. It does have quite a few nice garden plants. 

I like the house seen from the garden like this. It looks rather lovely.

I have jets or fountain objects in all the fountains in the garden, along with light, and pool plants. This garden will have a lot of green lawn, that’s nice for the animals.