Back from vacation and I took close to 300 pictures. It’s a bit low, but it was 42 C down there. When I came home it was like 20 C, a bit of a difference! 😀

Of well, on to the Wentworth Woodhouse project again. Isn’t this finished now? I have a lot to think about these days, but hopefully I manage to upload it anyway. I made a lot of walls for some of the rooms in the tudor house that is more lowkey or something. I just have to upload them as well. They should be finished, I just have to make sure it’s all set with front graphics and everything.

This post will be about the garden. I have finished it now, but I still have some more pictures to show you. Mostly about nighttime and some fixes on the pool. 

The 2 pictures above is from the shading I made for them. It doesn’t shade that much now, but in real life this would work much better. Both awnings and furniture is from ung999 Natural Living.

… except the coffeetable. You might realize it’s the same as used inside in some rooms. It’s from Ambiente by Pilar. The benches above works nicely by the pool, too bad the game functionality isn’t quite up to it. This will work like a bed in game, but at least it looks perfect for the spot.

The little patches of green has been enclosed by white mainly. The garden otherwise is quite colorful.

The layout I made for the garden is lovely, with this little pool in each end. They can both be seen from the pool. I just had a few trees to give shade for the house, after all these people probably made the house this fab to show off.

I just wish the garden fence had more of a base to it. Do I really have to go around with some dark dirt to ground it? I’ll have to give it some more thought, but at the moment it doesn’t look right to me.

I decided the pool needed some more ompf, and put a jet in there. I also put a stone bench in the garden arch thing on the longside. I just wish I could make this real somehow. I would have liked to sit here myself in the sunlight.

As you can see I only put in 6 trees in the formal garden, and avoided the biggest types. It’s more birch and such. I also have plants growing from the balconies and trims on the upper floors.

I have used teanmoon’s pediments on all the windows and doors … just about, and the shutters from peacemaker is in a slightly yellowish tone. They are more visible on the dark stone on the base of the house, the upper part is quite yellow on it’s own, so the shutters and pediments are less visible.

I don’t think I can have much more trees than this. The house will vanish, and that’s not a good thing. Is it possible to put 2 fences on top of each other? I have never tried that before. It could be a good way to ground the black garden fence. It’s probably not going to work. I can see the error message at the back of my eye.