I suddenly had the idea of using some golden textures I downloaded on my walls. I must say they look fab. Perhaps it should really be stone in some of these baroque rooms, and dark wood in some of the Jacobean one’s. I have to use the week to finish up these walls and move on.

At the top is one of the simpler walls I made. I was planning on them to be more Jacobean in style for that part of the Wentworth project. It should probably be more wood panels on them, but I have to deliver this project now, so it will have to be like this. Perhaps I can make something more wood later on sometime. I have been enjoying the work in Photoshop like this, far more than I thought I wood.

These few pictures from the houses front garden at night is what I promised you earlier. I placed a couple of those big lamps by the pool and several small garden lamps around the pathways.

I have to take some pictures from more athmospheric nights in live mode later on, these looks a bit cold.

I put lights in the pool and a couple of those steam makers for the floor. Perhaps they are mostly for indoor pools to create some steam in the room, but they also makes the water move more. Perhaps it’s a bit much, I will have to give it some thought.

This lilac light early morning or something, is kind of nice though. Perhaps I can add some athmosphere with colored light?

I wonder how much time it will take to make my own walls for the outside? Perhaps I should just leave that thought altogether and be satisfied. I have like 2 sets of floors from others as well I think.

Back to the Jacobean hallway again. I want something of my own here. The stretched texture on the Noble wall I used, bugged me. These are the same walls as on the top. The golden decoration at the top, has so much speculary shine the golden color is almost gone.

These walls are what I wanted to show you today. I love these. I might have to change the wood for marble some places. I have a lot of specularity on the wood, but obviously it can take much more. I wanted to see if I could achieve the same gloss as on the stretched walls, and a bit of the color as well. I can’t brake all the codes in one go, I have to be satisfied one time.

What do you think fits this room the most. It’s kind of high gloss walls with lowkey furniture. I think it suits the room with this red.

On the other hand this intense yellow is nice as well. The golden decoration poking up through the arch by the kardofe curtains, bugs me. I might have to produce these walls without the golden decoration as well, just for those occations.

Do you remember this room? I had a Noble wall in this main entrance again, but suddenly I thought: why have someone else’s walls here, some of mine should fit just as well. It had more of a texture to it, this light green can be a bit calm and collected. Perhaps I should go for something more spectacular here as well.

Then I played on with the grand pillars room, or the rooms of statues or whatever. It’s a bit of a strange room, but as someone said, it’s just meant to impress. So, what about this? It should be impressive, but the frame for this wall really do need marble in this room.

This last set is now available for download here on simsfileshare and will be on TSR later … hopefully.