This automn 2017 I started on a Bachelor in 3D Graphics at Westerdals College in Oslo. On this page I will display my assignments at my school. It will soon to be merged with Høyskolen Kristiania. 


School Posts

Below is the posts I have made for my blog in the School category. They will be about the assignments and subjects at Westerdals 3D Graphics Bachelor study.

Ass 1 and 2: Final submittion

This autumn we had 2 assignments with feedback, not counting the group...

Ass 2, Lamp and partly furnished render

Compare this two top pictures. The quality of the one below is slightly better...

Ass 2, Luxury Apartment

Our second assignment at school is to make an apartment with furniture. I was...

Assignment 2: WIP, Luxury Apartment

We’re only suppose to show one room in this apartment, and we can make the apartment itself in Revit. I wanted to make it in Revit because it’s such a great program for it. Making the apartment itself in 3dsMax would only be a hassle in my opinion. We’re suppose to learn Revit some time later.

The way I’m thinking about this it’s an apartment inside one of the Aker Rivers old factories. They are being converted these days, and some of them has a big variation in style and layout.

Assignment 1: The Parthenon

Assignment 1 was an important assignment to show off how much we knew from before, and if anyone was falling behind. We have 2 chances at getting it right. The first grade they gave me for this project was the best. 

The Temple has an inner structure with a door. We were provided with a floorplan and I found a heightplan. In the end I was more preoccupied with making it look right from afar. 

For the second edition I wanted to have a closer picture, as the teacher asked for. The picture in the lowest right corner is from the new columns I made, and it also shows textures I made. We were asked to make it with textures – as I had done already, and use them on polygons as well. They also wanted to see how we did with procedural maps. I made some of those to give the impression of cracks and dents in the marble.

The last version of this has been delivered along with an essay and a first showreel.

GTA – Previs

Our first big project was a group project with the other courses at the institute of TV, Movies and Games. We were a group of 5 students from manus, film and tv, spill(gameproduction) and 3d Graphics. The students was scattered a bit and each group had different variations of courses involved.


The story is a commertial for Live Less. Your life reduced to a memorystick basically. No body to worry about and you can go in and out of new lives as it pleases you. We were given a GTA lisence for the projects duration to choose locations from and do our shots in.

Live Less: “Simulated Reality in the new Reality”.