A bedroom, flowers and herbs

I placed a farm I made some time ago into the same hood as the big farm I'm working on. I have them coming over from time to time. it's looks like they have planted everything they have at the moment. I have quite a few plants from the mod by icemunmun I can plant as...

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Garden Layout for a Farm

I wasn't sure if the garden would be big enough for a farm. The family I moved in has 2 adults and a teen to use as servants in the house. We'll have to see how it goes. In the picture above, I have replaced the windows along the street. I found out I was using...

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Diningroom and familyroom

This diningroom has lots of colors, just like most of the other rooms in this house. I had to adjust the colors and intensity on the lights, because the walls very easily reflects too much. Most of the rooms in this house has rather big rooms. It's a good thing. I...

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Classy Mansion

Elegant Themes has updated the Divi theme I'm using. I couldn't find the layout I've been using lately. I usually build them myself these days, from a basic one I uploaded some time ago. They made me a script one time, because I wanted to have a different top image...

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Another big farm

I was suddenly in this farming mode, and setup mccc mod to have 15 people in my household. So why not build a house for it?  As you can see above the roof line of this house is rather special. I found a way to cover up the faulty edges between the different towers,...

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200118 Lervik Cottage 20×20

Small familyhouse with with 3 bedrooms Lervik Family, Lot Testers 28. January 2018 This tiny little lot was made for a single mum with a toddler and a kid. She couldn't afford much, but I couldn't just upload the house without a garden. Sorry about that. She suddenly...

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A house for a single mum with 2 kids

Lot Tester Ane Lervik Earlier in the week I had this need fore some recration. I ended up with a poor single mum storyline. Ane Lervik looks quite nice. I placed her in the same save as the Wentworth house. It would give her some "nice" nabours, more important though,...

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