The Blue House new rooms

I wanted to show you the interior of the Blue Victorian house last time I wrote. I have a lot of other things I might show you as well, but they are not enough to show in one post, and I need to make much more pictures first. I made the family Lillesand when CaD came...

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Extension in Brindleton Bay

The big 64x64 lot in Brindleton Bay has a great view. I have been playing with cats and dogs for a few days now, and it's not always working like a dream, but the area below the big lot in Brindleton Bay is a great place to take the dog for a walk, jog or just meet...

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Monochrome Blue

There isn't that much content with the patch apparently. There is a long time since I built only with EA content, so I find new stuff all the time. I'm kind of stuck with the styles they provide. I'm thinking too much blue isn't very interesting. I need some...

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New Patch with new roofs and scaling

I took all my content out of my Sims 4's mods folder and removed cache and started on something new. It will have to be noCC for the time being. I will have to wait on CC I'm using being updated for Cats and Dogs Expantion. If some of the content I'm using isn't being...

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Burda with Marvelous Designer

I downloaded a digital pattern by Burda, you know the wellknown pattern makers for home sewers. My mother used to buy patterns from them in the shops, and I googled a bit and they came up, so I tought why not? They had this pattern i PDF and I could just make a square...

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Living in the garden

Lot Tester Tove Hope Jaren I had some troubles with the livingroom. It's very dense with that stone on the wall. I tried the sofa from wondymoon in all 4 swatches. The green floorplant I don't know where it comes from, but I don't like it. Should I just ditch it, or...

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Maximum gold and velvet

Lot Tester Tove Hope Jaren The diningroom is very golden with red velvet. It's a bit dark perhaps, but it probably would be. I haven't used any ceilinglamps. Perhaps I should? If I want to do that I need a different set than what I have.  The walls here are what I...

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Autumn Colors

Lot Tester Tove Hope Jaren I have been working on the last set for the Wentworth house and sorting out content for the upload. The new would have been up on TSR yesterday. I will have to update my pattern page later on.  Todays post is about something I made to show...

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