Fusion Scandinavian and Asian

Lot Tester Tove Hope Jaren You could think Scandinavian clean lines and Japanese is very far apart? ... or perhaps you thought like me it's very close? I had already downloaded DOT's most recent set with Japanese lamps and something more. The sets I...

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3ds Max – The Parthenon – Array

We have received our first assignment, it's for The Parthenon. I have been googling a bit to find out how I can make it at my level. Above is a very simple shape I made first, just to get a grip on the work I have to do. I think I'm going to need many objects on this...

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Something small for someone big

I have uploaded 2 sets for TSR and should now be finished with the sets I needed for the Wentworth project. Now I'm in a bit of a pickle though, because what can I write about now? I decided to make a small house and of course ended up with something too big, because...

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Luxury in the main room

On the main floor, where the they come in from the fields, I have this bathroom. It has just what we call Leca on the wall. Probably just with some gray polish of a kind. The floor is more luxurious, with the bathroom tile I have used several places. I put a purple...

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Red Velvet and Concrete

Today will be about the mastersuite. It also has a room so tiny I probably will never be able to take a picture of it. Unless I can have the outside back wall up and the inner wall down. The only problem is the inner wall is also an outer wall, because the room is so...

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Degrees of Lofty Modern

This farm has been let down a bit lately. I uploaded the farmhouse and installed a couple of mods. I also did some changes to the main mccc mod from Deaderpool, to have more people in a household. i didn't quite get to 8 in the smaller farmhouse, but perhaps I can...

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Expanding the farm for more toddlers

I bought the new toddler pack. The net is full of ridicule ... as usual. It's mostly the pit with balls, is that a ballpit? The texture is just flat, and some CC creators has already made new textures for the ballpit. I'm not going to bother with the infamous ballpit....

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The Canning Shop

Working so much on canning and produce, I thought I should figure out how I can sell it in a shop. I placed it in the world with only shops, and took the only lot available without having to bulldoze anything. It's a fairly good size. I was planning to plant some of...

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