Quiet Garden

Above is my garden layout. I decided on a rather formal and quiet garden. The pool is quite small, but there is 1 tile on each side for walkways. I'm quite happy with the layout. I need to have some trees mostly along the edges i think. Trees closes the garden in and...

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Vanish or Oversized Statues

I have finished the backside decoration with window pediments and shutters, and the garden with it's driveway. Above is the entrance I set to the main one. You might have a different idea. The house has 3 working entrances, I have just closed 2 of them for routing...

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Bedroom in Pink or Red

While working with all the other things I have been doing for this house, I used this coffeetable in the living - and smokingroom in the wing. Why not use it here as well. For some reason I'm contemplating using the concrete version of it here. I think it just might...

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Chosen paintings for a mural

I finished the murals and submitted them for TSR. I hope they approve and show them off sometime during the weekend. If they need any changes made, I can do them before i go on vacation on Tuesday. I hope to have some posts ready for you, about 3 or 4 so I have some...

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Murals and walls

These dark Jacobean inspired walls are made by me, and the stone mural sets have now been approved on TSR for 3 consequal days 10-12 July. I thought I had to test them out. I think these dark wood walls are close to finished. You can see the specular bright shiny wood...

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How to Shop’ a Mural

Since shopping for my Jacobean part of the Wentworth house is what I do these days, I thought I could show you a bit of how it's done. Last time I gave you an overview of the layers, this time I thought I could do a bit of the detail. The pattern above consists of 6...

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Photoshop Textures

I think I have become quite good at making walls lately. It can be a lot of work, but at the same time, it's so rewarding and multiplying one wall with a new pattern is so easy. I'm showing you what I'm doing here with pictures from a norwegian Adobe Photoshop CC...

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First Khmer Study

I wanted to take a shot at building Khmer houses. I was a bit surpriced when Googling for inspiration, the old traditional houses looks very similar to our own native traditional houses. While Googling for some of them I stumpled on a site comparing log houses here. I...

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