Hunters Hallway

Lot Tester Family Askeland To test the house I made the Askeland family of 2 teens and a toddler, and gave them a teen babysitter, a lady companion and a man housekeeper as well. They will need to hire a Butler too. Above is the mother and below the father of the...

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Palace and Roman Murals

I think the modern/1700/Jacobean fusion is beginning to take shape. Above is the hallway planned as the main entrance, when I turned the house to the sun, it didn't quite work anymore, but it might somewhere else. The only other lot this big in my game at the moment...

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Wentworth Bathroom and Dining

I have been thinking of this project in between uploading the Halmstad Mansion and planning Angkor Wat. Back to this project I decided to turn the house around. It's now angled the right way for a good suntan, but the city view is all wrong. I guess some good nature...

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Sealevel for Houseboats

This tutorial comes as a help to others in the same situations. How to get the right water level for houseboats. Thanks to DonaldinaDuck we now know how to do that. The small pictures below comes from him/her and differ from what I usually make. Q: can...

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Bridge Retexture

Can you see what's wrong with the picture above? ... If you can't I'm not going to help you out 😉 Just kidding. The bridge is about double the size. I'm thinking the only thing I did was to put on some textures, so they are probably the wrong size duh! It turns out...

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Decrapifying Store Objects

I had an idea for what this post should be about, but then suddenly I had this problem below, and how should I fix this? With some pictures it's about double the size of what I usually post, so I guess it should be fine.  I was reading tutorials about how to open...

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250117 Vampire De Dresden 64×64

Medieval Style Palace with a school, butler, garden and pool Franko Family, Lot Testers 10. April 2017 This is a very big Old Style Palace, with a School to be used if you have a mod installed. It has all the amenities you could ever want, there is also...

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Brutalist Apartments

Above is the Brutalist building I made in ts4 after doing some drawing in Revit. It's finished outside and in one apartment. Since the apartment feature doesn't really work in ts4, I decided to decorate some other apartments as well. I'm sorry I ended up using some of...

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