I promised you some shots from Sims2. I have found some. I can’t make the snapshots work though, I may miss some program file to read them, but the thumbnails are good. The house I post here was something I had plans to upload to MTS, but it didn’t happen. May be because of all the CC involved. It’s a big house. I had a family of 7 generations living in this house. Then the bugs made it impossible to give them any orders. They were just standing there shaking. I couldn’t do much about it. It was a well known bug in those days.

On this house I used Macarossi’s  feature windows and doors, with garden plants, kitchen and regular windows/doors by phoenix_phaerie. In addition to that a lot of things I don’t remember. The house has 3 floors. On some of the pictures you can see snow. I hope weather will seen arrive at TS3 as well.


The featured image for today is from my first ever upload 170411 Modern House 60×60. I made a long series on youtube about how I made it. I made the fountain thing at the right side overlooking Bridgeport. It’s a combination of pool and fountain, so it’s swimmable. I don’t recommend you download it now, unless you have Simpossible glasswall windows already. I know someone … was it Simscave? worked on uploading them to their site, but they had some trouble with those windows. They gave me the link. It was ok to share. If they ever find a cure for the windows, they will be up there. This is the same house I first found out about the infinity pool bug, so the house ended up with a regular one.


I have some very talented builders on my youtube list. Today I had a look at rongotongo’s EDNA. It’s from November last year. The video skills are just so much better then mine. I see some of the features of this house. like the tennis court above the waterfall. The tennis court I know. I think it’s from a set I’ve seen perhaps on TSR. The waterfall is made with fogemitter effects, or perhaps it’s just the ready fountain effects? Takes lot of time and effort to do that. The color combinations are very subdued at least on the outside. Very different from my outgoing sometimes ravish splatter of color everywhere. I think perhaps it’s a little bit too subdued. Still a lot for me to learn about using less colors.

Another house by the same creator rongotongo’s Modern Villa – Morpheus. Just a square box basically. No upload at MTS for this one lol. He has some very creative use of rounded shapes and lights at 2:43. Still I miss some more work on the outside towards the street. It’s a bit empty. He’s done so much work on the inside, while the street side is a bit bland. It’s also a very slow video. I have a feeling he was rushing this video recording.

What I see in this video are those rounded deco objects on the roof and floor. Like by the pool. I wonder if that may be Luna, and in the last picture he has a square deco object on the roof. Perhaps the roof on my Shek-O house isn’t that hard after all? The round balcony roof pieces must be here. The square pieces could just be a fence.

Then you see rocketdmg11 with LivingModerno. How do you even know it’s Sims3? It’s just incredible. Nothing to pick on is it? Except for … the exterior. There just isn’t any. We all have different interests. I really like the Ferrari at the end.

I have installed a cache plugin. It should make this site load much faster. Hope you don’t mind. I’m also thinking about another theme change. I’m thinking about this theme from Woothemes, Editorial. I have to rearrange a few things. It’s getting a bit complicated to keep it organized.