The industrial house has a rather small garden, but i decided to give it a BBQ and the awning from ung999’s “under the sun” outdoor set. Silly me, it’s perhaps not that small, it’s the right size for the house.

The way I arranged the awning parts, is perhaps not the usual way as a square, but I think it looks good. 

By one of the entrances to the basement I have a pool. It’s just there to provide some athmosphere, but it can be a source of cooling down on hot days as well. This pool actually has a fence around it, to prevent people falling into it. Not that I think that’s going to happen very often. 

On the left is the area to relax on a decking chair after a swim, not that I expect that to happen either. After all the game has no such chair. 

The entrance has room for a car driving up, another feature this game hasn’t got.

The balcony arrangement on the upper floor is a bit odd, but it isn’t really visible from this angle. I kind of like this house, but for some reason there is too many distractions for me to live in this house, if I could.

The table and chairs used for the BBQ corner is the same as used in the kitchen inside.

The loveseat for the “Under the Sun” set has recolors as well. 2 of them are more colorful, while the others are more minimal as ung999 likes them. This is the corner by the pool where I would have liked to have a deck chair. 

The house looks nice even from above. The roof is a rather industrial metal texture made by EA.

The next now is the basement. It’s rather big and already has 2 bathroom, but no bedrooms. It will be just a big livingroom, something this house doesn’t have a lot of.