I have been working on The Parthenon, but it takes some getting used all the tools and options. For you though I have some pictures from the last rooms in the modern house I made earlier last … I think. I have other houses I need to finish as well, but frankly it has to wait. School comes first.

I downloaded a few bedroom sets for kids, and curtains for the house. The bed I used in this bedroom is Austin by Lulu265. I didn’t much like the curtains though. The color on the bricks in this room is perhaps a bit intense. I was looking for something bright for kids to be slightly industry like. 

The desk, sofa and endtable comes from Pilar’s Calligraphik set. It looks like it’s the living set, I thought it was the bedroom, after checking some more, I may have used both sets. 

I don’t know if this even works for kids, perhaps it’s more older teens or something. 

The master bedroom had a wall with nothing on it. I installed the Calligraphik set because I thought it could work in this house. I now have the basement and the garden left to decorate on this house.

I used the EA blinds on the window wall with glassdoor beside the bed. At the moment I’m thinking perhaps this glossy curtain isn’t the best either. Maybe the rather low-poly blinds are the best after all.

I rather like this wall color with the yellow color of the calligraphik sofa. The 2 kids rooms are rather similar. I just changed the colors on the walls and furniture slightly. Not like actually recolor it. I just used a different swatch.

I like the Asian paper lamp from DOT on the desk. It’s the same set as the wall lamps … I think. Here it is: The Well Set. I wonder if the wicker kind of rugs comes from Pralinesims or Peacemaker. I do use a set of red rugs from Peacemaker on this house, but I think I may have a set of Pralinesims rugs in the game as well. It looks like I have a Jute set from Peacemaker in this game, that maybe it. It looks very nice.

The curtain here is the same as I used on one of the windows with glassdoors by the Masterbedroom. There I used it in some seaweed green or something. This color is perhaps better here, or I could use the green. I used the same color on the yellow bedroom, and there I think it crash slightly. I have learned though that when I say something crash, it’s often just very intense as a contrast. This skin color with yellow though doesn’t do each other any good, and the style is looking rather dated. The color on the rugs though are a tiny bit more yellow and looks much better in style with the walls.

I wonder how much work it would be to make my own curtains. They might not be that much better, they will just fit my style better.