Lot Tester

Tove Hope Jaren

I had some troubles with the livingroom. It’s very dense with that stone on the wall. I tried the sofa from wondymoon in all 4 swatches. The green floorplant I don’t know where it comes from, but I don’t like it. Should I just ditch it, or should I find a different tree?

In the picture on the top I have a brighter white and turquise/blue/green rug. The white is a bit much, and with the bright colors aren’t ideal. 

Above is the green sofa, with the white and turquise rug. I have no plant on the coffeetable here. 

Here is a light gray sofa with some pillows. It’s not the style i want, and I don’t think it works. 

The only difference with this picture is the orange plant on the coffeetable. For some reason it made the room look very different.

Here I have used the black sofa with the orange swatch of the rug. Suddenly the room looks like a one style room. I think it’s a bit dense still though. The green plant may fix some of it.

This is the diningroom with the fireplace from Simcredible. I said earlier it dominated the room, and in the beginning I thought it did. Now I like this room, but the fire looks a bit fake. I have seen several fake fireplaces though, and this fire is quite lovely both in color and with the logs.

The backgarden has a pool, like all stately homes need in my oppinion. I found that jump which I thought fitting quite well with the walls from Rirann. I thought the shape of the pool against the wall, needed to have a straight side. I gave it a shape on the outside towards the edge of the lot instead.

I found the bench in my catalogue for the seating behind the jump, and the table with a parasoll I added later on.

It’s a very nice garden and I’m now finished with the ground floor. I have to try’n get the wentworth project out the door, because the cats and dogs expansion and patch might ruin most of my CC. I did in all previous versions of the game.

The house has a top floor I’m not sure I like, but I don’t think I’m going to remove it. Perhaps I can do some more out of the balcony. I wonder if windows will work better there. The middle floor is the next on the schedule, and I have some 4? bedrooms to fix and about 3 bathroom. The top floor has no rooms, and I’m not sure what to do about it at the moment.