I mentioned earlier an Asian house I was fascinated with. It has a pond in the middle and then the house around. It’s possible the almost standard villa design in china. I want to create the same kind of atmosphere but with a modern minimalist house.


Above is a very crude sketch I have made of the technical challenges around the pool and the layout of the rooms. As usual I put public areas such as livingrooms, dining with the kitchen on one side and the bedrooms and private part on the other. Here I have planned to have a Master with a terrace or balcony and a livingroom/diningroom with a terrace or balcony. I haven’t decided on whether I want the diningroom or livingroom with the terrace yet. The Patio will be more entertaining.

The original house has a pond in the middle, I think I’m gonna skip the pond and just make it a pool. If I have the house terraces 1 tile above the pool, and 1 tile on the pool, and with the stones surrounding the terraces. I don’t think it’s really going to make much difference. I may add some fogemitter effects too, but I feel like I want to keep it simple. I can have a fountain by the Master.

From terrace to terrace along the pool I want to build a walkway, and have it on the ground. No foundation there. The patio area needs probably access to the pool, so it has to be on the ground. I could add a basement under with glasswindows. That could be a nice feature. Some stones around the windows perhaps. If I put the hole pool in a basement I don’t need to bother much with the edges. I can make some walls there on the inside to cover up the tiny gap in the wall, stones on the outside. Should be nice. This plan is soon ready. I just need to finish some builds first.

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