Lot Tester

Tove Hope Jaren

The diningroom is very golden with red velvet. It’s a bit dark perhaps, but it probably would be. I haven’t used any ceilinglamps. Perhaps I should? If I want to do that I need a different set than what I have. 

The walls here are what I made for the Wentworth again. The bar comes from the ArtDeco set by ShinoKCR. It’s called HomeBar, and I think the wall lamp is from the same set. The rug is from ambiente set by Pilar. 

I have to move the right wall lamp a little to the right, because it should probably sit on the wooden frame or even on the middle with the velvet. I looks more right I think.

The fireplace comes from the Serene bedroom by Simcredible, and the bookcase at the bottom by kardofe. I wonder if the bookcase comes from the Millennial hallway or something. It’s a hallway set I think. 

The dressers on the side is from Pilar’s collector set, and the stone is from Rirann. The stones have been used on the Wentworth outside. 

The dresser with all the small drawers comes from Pilar as well. I think perhaps from the Heidi set. The loveseat I have used several places, it’s from the Ambiente set. 

I tried the fireplace from Simcredible’s Serene set, but it’s dominating the hole room, so I don’t even want to show you 🙂

The hallway has this very busy hallway with gold and wooden … is that wall wainscoting, or is wainscoting something very specific? This rug again is the same as the one used in the diningroom, just a different swatch.

The curtains is the only type I like from what I have available, and they kind of fit. I don’t know if they do much for the interior, but they doesn’t make the window look all naked. 

I don’t remember quite where the floor plants come from, but I think it might be Pilar actually. They have a backside, so has to be placed the right direction.

This is the TV room, and what about that painting on the wall? It’s from Ambiente by Pilar again, but does it fit the room?

The sofa comes from wondymoon’s set called Scandium. The pillows are from ung999, some set i don’t remember the name of, but I have 4 sets from her in the mods folder, and this could be any of them. The endtable is from the Collector set by Pilar again.

The rug used here is also from wondymoon, I hope it’s from Scandium. The wall units are from ung999, probably … no, I’m not sure what set. The painting and loveseat thing is from Ambiente again. I’m using a bit of white’s with the intense color here, does it work? I’m not sure, but for some reason I would like to keep it. 

The plant comes from Natural Living by ung999.