This house is moving between them, with that white rendered wall and traditional cozy windows. I have been doing some rooms inside, and used some more rendered walls. I think perhaps some of the colors is too traditional, while others are too modern 🙂 What else is new?

The tree have this odd blue color on it’s trunk. Is that a reflection or something? I don’t think I can live with that, sad really, it was such a nice thing in that 2 floor high hallway. I might find another swatch I can use.

In this hallway I ended up with a rather modern look. I could take out those blue wall lamps, but I like them. They gives the room something extra.

The hallway is rather big, but that’s perfect. There are many rooms adjacent to it, with doors and everything. It’s good to have some walls to distribute them on. The testing family, Edland, has a dog. I like dogs, I would very much like to have one. I made it a door, but I think it might be too small for the Edland dog. 

The odd reflection on the floordivider, where the tree pops through the roof, it’s rather interesting, I mean … what’s it reflecting?

The big livingroom, by the pool, is another big room. I made it very traditional kind of. I would have liked to make something like the hallway, I think. It can be a bit difficult to reproduce something in a room like that, but I’ll see what I can do. Taking the wall lamps with me, might make it easier.

I made that lovely fireplace nook in the other end, and then wondered about where to put the TV. Then I just put it by the doors and arches here. I might turn out to be a widely used hallway, but the kitchen also has it’s own hallway by the vegetable garden, going to the diningroom.

I wonder if I should have a stereo in the diningroom. I had some good parties there, in a previous house.

The diningroom is another traditional room. I like the combination between the creamy white on the fireplace, and the green walls. I wonder though about the table, it’s a bit “cold”. I wonder if I take the modern wall lamps in the hallway, and replace the table, what will I have then?

This fireplace is very stately, classic … and just plain lovely. A diningroom needs somewhere to put the serving plates. I have the sidetable to the left of the fireplace. Perhaps I should replace it with a stereo. I would like to keep the plants.