Lot Tester

Marie Edland

Back from Rome with pictures I can’t be bothered to fiddle with. I had broken my arm, as some of you might remember, and when I needed a steady picture, my arms was all shakey. I took some fun pictures from a church with a baby Jesus in a crib, but it’s all blurry:(

At the same time I was trying to get a grip on all the Lightroom programs I had on my pc, and googling for instructions, because it didn’t look right. After a while I realised Adobe made a new program called Lightroom CC and called the old program Lightroom Classic. No wonder I was confused. Couldn’t they be bothered to find an easier name convention to figure out. When I google for Lightroom CC, I end up with some classic and some of the new cloud program. It looks to me like they prepare for a new program with all the old features and some big new one’s. It’s just so confusing.

Oh well, I’ll have to make it work, so I made some albums and tried some features in the new program, but it’s obvious the new one just can’t replace the old, but the old program doesn’t work as well over several different devices.

On to the new house I started working on. I wanted to make something modern again, while I didn’t want it to be just the same as before. I wanted to play a bit with the roofs in ts4 as well.

I listened to a program about someone who made a floorplan with people in mind, too bad I completely forgot his name. He didn’t live that long either. Anyways, what he did was to make the inside first and then make the outside fit that. He was making Goth style houses though.

I had that a bit in mind, but couldn’t really see how it would change how I usually work. On this house I started with the garage part on the right side, that part is quite similar to the us floorplan I used for the Victorian/Swiss style house. I know some players prefer big garages, even though this game doesn’t have cars. 

I then started with the master suite on the other corner. This lot is 64x64, so the house is very big, and the structure 2 pics above is just the start. Then I changed my mind thinking this house will be very big, and a bit of view on what’s going on outside, might be sensible. I moved the bedrooms upstairs. This house will only have 2 floors.

On the right side is the now diningarea with livingroom, and the kitchen with a vegetable garden in the big green square. I hope it’s enough room in the square for the kitchen. It’s going to be one of those us mansions with open kitchen, I was thinking. On the other hand, is that convenient? … so I put a wall in there with 2 arches instead.

Perhaps I’ll remove the wall towards the livingroom. I also gave the house a dedicated diningroom. It’s sometimes hard to create the athmosphere for a cozy dining, in a big living space.

Here is the same square vegetable garden seen from the outside. I was playing around with roofs and this is kind of elaborate decoration, while the rest of the house is quite sober in decoration. The roofs can be quite heavy, with a lowkey decoration on the walls, it’s looking more modern. 

I had some trouble lining up the different roofs on the garden, and suddenly realised it was possible to adjust the hight with alt pressed.

Here the vegetable garden is in the far end. Closer to the camera is the garden for entertaining guests, with a big pool. 

I had a plan with the windows, trying to downscale the contrast between windows and wallpaint. Then I suddenly realised I didn’t do it the same all over. I have just been copying windows around, so it’s easy getting it wrong I guess.

Here is the full main floor. The entertainment area hasn’t been that well planned, I guess. Because I’m not sure what I should use it for.

Behind the garage I put in a suite, but I don’t know where to put the bathroom. It could possibly work as a Butler suite or perhaps for the grand parents. 

In the main hallway I have a different “room” to let in light with ceilinglamp. In the long part of the entertainment area, I have 2 of the same. I’m using one of EA’s massive square modern ceilinglamps. The rooms are a bit bland at the moment. I will have to find a way to introduce some life and comfort.