There isn’t that much content with the patch apparently. There is a long time since I built only with EA content, so I find new stuff all the time. I’m kind of stuck with the styles they provide. I’m thinking too much blue isn’t very interesting. I need some complementary colors in between. It depends on the shade, but complementary for blue would be orange’ish.

I used downscaling as well as upscaling on these interiors. I tried downscaling with shift + \ mainly on pictures for the walls, and some of the rugs I had in my catalogue that turned out to be way too big. In the end they didn’t fit the style though.

SimsVIP’s latest video from the patch shows downscaling toilets and showers, and they work! She sits down with the right animations as if it’s a normal toilet, and the shower animation as well. I laughed so hard!

Every kitchen needs a TV or what? This is a rather big family kitchen with a diningtable by the window. I even had room for some bar chairs.

I’m not sure I like the wall tiles though, perhaps I should find something different. Like perhaps make my own? Wallpapers has nothing to do with cats and dogs I hope, so making them now shouldn’t be a problem. I did promise you a cc free lot though 🙂

I even found good curtains. These in a lilac color fits very well, and brightens it up a bit. 

How do you put pictures on these boards on the wall? I put them on the fabric part. I downscaled and upscaled, but that doesn’t work so well with paintings. These was the only suitable I could find. It’s nice having a surface to put the serving plates on, that’s what the dresser is doing.

What happens if I downscale a fireplace? Will it perhaps start taking fire more often? 

I put a couple of chairs on each side. I was actually thinking about an old grandmother. They often need something to sit on and this one seems suitable on so many levels.

The hallway is just big enough for a loveseat and a dresser. I didn’t find any 3 tile arches though. The door is 3 tile and it would be very nice if I could have an archway into the house following through from the main entrance like this.

I decided tiles was the best for the entrance, they can stand more use. I think this room needs something different than blue on the walls. It’s a bit too much of it in this house so far. Monochrome is good, but sometimes anyone needs a brake. Next time I will hopefully have some Cats and Dogs subjects for you to read about. See you then.