These dark Jacobean inspired walls are made by me, and the stone mural sets have now been approved on TSR for 3 consequal days 10-12 July. I thought I had to test them out. I think these dark wood walls are close to finished. You can see the specular bright shiny wood poke you in the face, as well as it’s bump map giving them more of a 3D look.

I made them in a dark and lighter wood. I don’t think the light one would fit that well in a Jacobean style house, but who cares if I can make it work?

Compare these 3 pictures of what would be the house’s smoking room … or something. I think it’s a good idea and perhaps not the best place for bookshelfs. This room has 2 of EA’s traditional bookshelfs, and I’m using CC furniture for this room. It’s mostly the same sets as in the livingroom below, and that’s a good thing because it will be less for you to download … basically 🙂

With the rooms I did now I have used quite a bit of Pilars stuff. The Ambiente, I think it’s a bedroom, is quite nice. The planter with bright orange flowers as well as the orange round coffeetable/pouf in the livingroom, comes from Ambiente. In this room I also have a rather odd painting from the set. For some reason it’s kind of stuck on the smokingroom walls, it doesn’t fit there, but I just can’t make myself delete it either.

Of these 3 decorations the top is boring the number 2 might be my favourite with the green pillows on the sofa. That picture is also taken by night. The 3’rd picture is taken by day and looks best in the day, at night it’s a bit boring.

This is me testing the Murals from last post in the house. Both the specular and bump here is the one following the EA pattern I cloned to have something to fit my wall onto. It’s a bit flat, but I don’t think I will have anywhere to fit this mural in this house, so I should probably focus on finishing this house instead. That means the Roman mural from Pompeii needs to be finished.

I was just thinking I could fit it onto this mural somehow. The panel at the bottom is a bit high on the wall, I might want to fix that. Also the gold and color on the wood isn’t quite right for the roman mural. The color I had on the original mural is much better for the red frescoes.

The livingroom is on the other side of the hallway for the Jacobean old part of the house.

I had this idea of conferences with dinner in the fabulous diningroom and then move into this part of the old house across the hallway with a bar and everything. That could work. I fitted a small bathroom into this section as well.

I just suddenly discovered those big lamps from EA with the yellow/white gradient. With this wallpaper it kind of fits. For this wallpaper I had the William Morris’s Arts and Crafts movement in mind. They made something like this. It’s such a demanding wallpaper and what do you put in here?

I have put in some whites like the rug and curtains to calm it down a bit. The fireplace as well is slowing everything down. I could also have made the room really high drama thinking about it, but that wouldn’t fit this house, and what about the conference idea.

So the thought is, they have this wallpaper and can’t take it down, it’s old you know … so what do you do then? The sofa takes on some of the colors fitting such a wallpaper, and I think it fits. I had the green pillows here as well, but it was just a bit much.

The woods used in this room is the light type, while the wood used in the smokingroom is the dark type. I’m not too sure about that plant. It’s nice with something white’ish, but this shine? Perhaps I’ll find something better elsewhere. Some of the plants in the sets I’m using has an white edge to each leaf. It doesn’t look right to me.

The Screen again comes from the Ambiente set, the coffeetable also comes in concrete. What about that for this room? I don’t have anything else concrete, that’s a problem. It has to be 2 concrete or no concrete me thinks. The endtables between the chairs are from ung999’s Minh set. It’s a nice set. I have used a few things from that set, among them the armoire/dressers. They are lovely minimalist, just a pitty this house isn’t minimalist.

The left wing of the Jacobean style house now has a big livingroom with a modern fireplace, a smokingroom and a bathroom. On the other side of the main Jacobean hall is the big formal diningroom with the Roman Frescoes from Pompeii, and the small kitchen for the staff. Perhaps I should call it the pantry or something, because the way food are made in this big house I have to move it from the basement and up, so it doesn’t really matter where the diningroom is, just as long as I can drag it in one movement.

I was just planning on this “kitchen” to serve as somewhere they can pick up the tray with groceries, before going to the kitchen downstairs. Then when it’s finished I drag it upstairs and they clean up the diningtable after by putting it into the dishwasher or just do the dishes in the sink.

Perhaps I should ditch the fridge here as well. it’s better having one place to move the serving plates to I think. I don’t think it’s possible to go to the wrong fridge and pick up leftovers, sadly I don’t think it works like that. They have a fridge by the staircase to the basement at the moment. That fridge contains all the leftovers. I should probably stick to that, it’s a room they can easily reach as well.